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  • today, I'm releasing the plan to combat and overcome the Corona virus.

  • The full details of the plan to go want to see them go to joe biden dot com, where I lay out the immediate steps we have to take to deliver one decisive public health response to curb the spread of disease and to provide treatment.

  • Those who need it and a decisive economic response delivers real relief to American workers, families and small businesses and protects the economy as a whole.

  • Are offered his road map.

  • Not for what I will do is president 10 months from now, but for the leadership that I believe is needed required at this very moment, President Trump is welcomed.

  • Adopt all of it.

  • Today, the core principle is simple public health professionals.

  • It must be the ones making our public health decisions and communicating with the American people, public health professions.

  • It would be a step toward reclaiming public trust and confidence in the United States government as well towards stopping the fear and chaos that can overtake communities faster than his pandemic can overtake.

  • And it's critical to mount an effective national response that will save lives, protect our frontline health workers slow the spread of the virus.

  • First, anyone?

  • Anyone who needs to be tested based on medical guidance should be tested at no charge at no charge.

  • Administration's failure on testing is colossal.

  • It's a failure of planning, leadership and execution.

  • The White House should measure and report each day each and every day how many tests have been ordered, how many tests have been completed and how many have tested positive.

  • By next week, the number of tests should be in the millions, not thousands.

  • We should make every person in a nursing home available for testing.

  • Every senior center or vulnerable population has to have easy access to the test.

  • We should establish hundreds of mobile testing sites at least 10 per state, and drive through testing centers to speed testing to protect the health of our workers.

  • The CDC, private labs, universities and manufacturers should be working lock step to get this done and get it done correctly.

  • No effort should be spared.

  • None.

  • No excuses should be made.

  • Test should be available to all who need them and the government.

  • The government should stop at nothing to make that happen.

  • We must know the true extent of this outbreak so we can map it, trace it and contained it.

  • Nor should we hide the true number of infections, hope of protecting political interests or the stock market.

  • The markets will respond strong, too strong, steady and capable leadership.

  • That address is the root of the problem, not efforts to cover it up.

  • Secondly, we need to search our capacity to both prevent and treat the Corona virus and prepare our hospital to deal with his influx of those needing cares, I've been saying for weeks.

  • This means not just getting out testing kits and processing them quickly but making sure communities have the hospital beds available.

  • The staff medical supplies, the personal protective equipment necessary to treat the patients.

  • The president should order FEMA to prepare the capacity with local authorities to established temporary hospitals with hundreds of beds and short notice.

  • The Department of Defense should be planning now should have been the plant planning to repair for the potential deployment of the resource is provided medical facility capacity on logistic support that only they can do in a week from now.

  • A month from now, we could need in instant 500 bed hospital to isolate and treat patients in any city in this country.

  • We can do that, but we are not ready yet, and the clock is ticking as we take these steps.

  • State, federal, local authorities.

  • I need to ensure that there's accurate, up to date information available to every American citizen to everyone so everyone can make an informed decision about when to get tested when the self quarantine when to seek medical treatment.

  • And the federal government should provide states and municipalities with clear guidance.

  • But when did trigger more aggressive mitigation policies, such as closing schools?

  • Third, we need to accelerate the development in treatment of a vaccine.

  • Science takes time.

  • It will still be many months before we have a vaccine that could be proven safe for public use to produce in sufficient quantities to make a difference.

  • But therapeutics can and should come soon.

  • This will save lives when we gonna put together.

  • And we passed the Cures Act 2016 to accelerate work on the national at the National Suit of Health.

  • But now it has to be made available.

  • Make available resource is air speed up speed that process, along with the fast track clinical trials and then then I age.

  • While closely coordinated with the FDA, the Food and Drug Administration on trial approvals so that science is not hindered by the bureaucracy and when and when the vaccine is ready to go, it should also be made widely available and again free of charge.

  • Hi, everyone.

  • George Stephanopoulos here.

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today, I'm releasing the plan to combat and overcome the Corona virus.


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拜登發佈應對冠狀病毒新計劃 (Biden releases new plan to address Coronavirus)

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