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  • - How do I discover my gifts?

  • When do I know I'm a gifted speaker?

  • (upbeat music)

  • - I was never, ever, ever a gifted speaker,

  • don't you get it?

  • I shaped myself, I trained, I worked hard,

  • I mold myself into the speaker that I am today,

  • into the entrepreneur that I am today,

  • do you understand?

  • Most of young kids, you are waiting, you are thinking,

  • oh you know, what is my gift?

  • It's not about finding your gifts.

  • It's about developing your gifts.

  • It's like working out, well I guess I'll wait to find out

  • what body part is the strongest.

  • It is the dumbest thing.

  • You've gotta work for it, you've gotta train,

  • you've gotta develop those gifts.

  • Gifts don't just fall on your lap and say,

  • okay great, you're gifted.

  • Now maybe you are more talented in certain areas,

  • or you learn things faster than most with certain things.

  • Maybe music, maybe mathematics, maybe problem solving,

  • maybe creativity but you still have to develop

  • those damn gifts and it takes years to develop

  • any kind of gifts.

  • The problem is you're waiting and waiting and waiting,

  • instead of getting to work.

  • Pick something, anything. If it doesn't work, you can pivot.

  • You try enough things, you will know, oh,

  • an idiot would know that hey, I'm naturally better at this.

  • I learn faster than most doing this. It clicks for me.

  • What comes easy for you, may be difficult for others.

  • That's when you know, okay, maybe this is an area

  • I need to focus on.

  • It will still take you years

  • to be world class at something,

  • even though you're naturally talented in certain things.

  • And there's no one that is gifted in everything.

  • You have to pick and choose.

  • In life it's all about choices.

  • You've gotta pick and choose what do you wanna focus on.

  • You can spend your whole life focusing on something

  • but does this thing or this skillset

  • give you what you want?

  • Does this skillset, if mastered,

  • could give you the life that you want,

  • would give you the lifestyle that you want,

  • would help you accomplish your dreams

  • and for most, the answer's no.

  • The answer's no.

  • So forget about finding that gift.

  • Watching too many videos and not taking enough action.

  • Watching videos is fine but at the end of the day,

  • you have to take action.

  • You have to go to the gym.

  • You have to pick up certain skill.

  • You have to do something.

  • You learn by doing, not just by watching.

  • You do not learn just by watching.

  • When you do something, you internalize it, it becomes yours.

  • So don't wait, don't fucking wait.

  • Go find.

  • Go do.

  • Go do whatever it takes.

  • Reinvent, create, the version, the best version of yourself.

  • You don't need to wait for anyone's permission.

  • You don't need my permission.

  • Don't wait for anyone's permission, just go do it.

  • Go do it today.

- How do I discover my gifts?


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