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  • so Wait, wait!

  • D'oh!

  • D'oh!

  • Wait, wait.

  • I don't need you think I know these is John?

  • Never one to worry about a women's my happy will's sponsored way.

  • Yeah, wrong.

  • Wait, wait, wait, wait, Huh?

  • Thank you.

  • Wait, wait.

  • Remember smooth Wait, wait What I'm thinking about We were young and nothing can tear you away from me before That's all my come on And my lonely day and oh, my oh, in she too And in half Yeah, Just get oh!

so Wait, wait!


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意大利之聲第一季的精彩片段|#回味無窮 (The best of The Voice Italy Season 1 | #THROWBACK)

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