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  • Now I want to talk about what you

  • should do on Valentine's Day.

  • You should order my Be Kind Box, the Spring Be Kind Box

  • by Ellen--

  • Be Kind by Ellen Box has arrived.

  • It's filled with products that I love,

  • and they do good for the world, plus it's worth over $200,

  • but only costs $54.99.

  • So you can't beat that.

  • I don't know how we're making money at this.


  • And our friends at Amazon have a new delivery robot, Scout,

  • who is here to show us some of the products

  • that we have in the box.

  • Scout, come on out.

  • Here comes, Scout.

  • Aw, look at that.

  • He's precious.


  • Here's Scout now.

  • Oh he's excited to see me.

  • Look.


  • It was lit up.

  • I didn't know that was lit up.


  • Do we have to go on?

  • OK, hold on.

  • [LAUGHS]

  • OK, so with Valentine's Day right around the corner,

  • you can check out Scott's love story on EllenTube, Scout.

  • [LAUGHS]

  • Anyway, don't worry.

  • They blur out his package.

  • So in my Be Kind Spring Box they have

  • items like these Div Sunglasses right here.

  • They come in the box.

  • If you want to cut down on single use plastic,

  • they have these reusable Lotus grocery bags.

  • They are the best right here.

  • Also, it comes with this Quartet dry erase board,

  • and you can leave notes for your significant other,

  • or you can just leave it like that.

  • Pretend like I was there.

  • So many other surprises in here.

  • Look at the surprises.

  • You got to sign up if you want all of them.

  • And if you are here today, you don't

  • have to wait because you're all going home

  • with my Be Kind Spring Box.



Now I want to talk about what you


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亞馬遜的新送貨機器人 "Scout "給Ellen帶來了她的新Be Kind Box產品! (Amazon’s New Delivery Robot 'Scout' Brings Ellen Her New Be Kind Box Products!)

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