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  • emergency room doctor tested positive just days after attending a conference off hundreds of E R doctors in New York City.

  • Here's NBC's chief national correspondent, Matt Gutman.

  • Tonight, fear for the safety of health workers on the front lines after hundreds may have been unintentionally exposed to the virus in at least two medical conferences.

  • One in New York's Times Square bringing together hundreds of e R physicians and medical teachers.

  • This E R doctor Rose Knee Daniel says he felt symptoms after returning home to San Francisco and tested positive in an online post.

  • Daniel writing.

  • I avoided all handshakes, yet I still worry that I either picked up the illness there or, worse, exposed someone else.

  • He's now in isolation at home.

  • Lisa Merc is a nurse who also tested positive after attending a different medical conference in Hawaii with hundreds there, I just felt like extremely exhausted, tired I'm not 100% sure contracted every others on edge, waiting for answers.

  • Eight year old Adele is an isolation.

  • How have you been feeling?

  • Has been hurting, but that's all.

  • I've been pretty good design.

  • Her mother, Vida Tyson, called the Health Department hotline to get her tested when she had symptoms.

  • I call a different numbers and you spoke with eight different people.

  • And, um, they meant well.

  • And then they referred me back to the original number.

  • She gave up, but then she fell ill.

  • Went to the e r, got tested a week ago.

  • Still no results.

  • I don't know what I'm gonna be able to leave my house.

  • I don't know if I've infected a lot of people.

  • I can't tell anyone anything, because I don't know.

  • But many with the virus are holding up well, eh?

  • NBA player Donovan Mitchell still showing no symptoms.

  • If you were to tell me I'm not playing a seven game series tomorrow, I'll be ready to lose up.

  • Actor Idris Elba is isolating with his wife now.

  • The time for solidarity.

  • Now's the time to thinkin about each other at tonight.

  • Seven days after testing positive for the virus, Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita, released from the hospital posting a picture of the typewriter he brought with him a Corona, saying Role in this together flattened the curve, and we're now learning about a handful recovering through experimental treatment every morning and have a fever.

  • It was very, very, very tough to breathe.

  • Chris Kane's condition was deteriorating.

  • He was admitted to a Washington state hospital eight days ago.

  • The next day, he was given rendez severe medication, originally created for treating Ebola, but was unsuccessful for that.

  • It's now being given only to the sickest Corona virus patients, and he says it saved him.

  • I think within 48 hours I was feeling a lot that I think that rhythms of here gave the extra jump started a Kickstarter whatever I needed to kind of turn that corner.

  • That's actually hopeful news tonight, Mac up men live outside U.

  • C L.

  • A.

  • Medical center in Man.

  • I want to get back to that experimental treatment that you reported on here that seemed to help that patient in Washington state.

  • What are authorities telling you about it tonight?

  • David?

  • There It's one of several experimental drugs currently being tested.

  • Now this one is only being used in the most acute cases when there is no other alternative.

  • It's being used in several hospitals around the country.

  • Now there are clinical trials here in the U.

  • S.

  • And in China, but it could take months to determine if this drug is effective and only then, once approved, will be rolled out to the public.

  • David.

  • All right, Matt.

  • Thanks to you again tonight.

  • Hi, everyone.

  • George Stephanopoulos Here.

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emergency room doctor tested positive just days after attending a conference off hundreds of E R doctors in New York City.


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