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  • No.

  • Yeah.

  • With Oh, no.

  • Yeah.

  • Oh, I like that.

  • Not without trying.

  • She's so beautiful.

  • And every day you won't believe it, baby, She don't see what I see But every time you guys do I look okay, I wait Change Because you just wait, wait, wait The way she she hates But I think it's so sexy Beautiful And I tell her every day Oh, you know You know you don't change just a say so don't even But if you look okay, you know Wait, wait.

  • You wait.

  • I listen to people's women Give me because I created the fill in that Keep coming back create They keep coming back So captivating going to get it on flow You'll be eventually waiting I know you need me I could feel that way Wait, But the bottom of the basement way I walk this This is what I see Everybody stays Wait I can't believe you Wait Known every I wish it would be over But I need you So do whatever you want.

  • Wait so over I want to spend the night That's who are you rapping?

  • Break Wait No like you And that You me God!



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嗓音》中史上最SEDUCTIVE的盲選? (The most SEDUCTIVE Blind Audition in The Voice EVER?)

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