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  • Hello world, where I'm from in Japan,

  • this is what Japanese Valentines chocolates are like.

  • So, how did you get these? Where are these from?

  • uhm..these is from my friends.

  • And are they from all the boys?

  • No. All girls.

  • Did you get any chocolates or treats from boys?

  • No..

  • Because, like, the boys, ah there's two boys that I'm friend, but..

  • they're kinda sick and than they couldn't give it to me

  • So I..I still didn't have, I still didn't get it, but..

  • I think they gonna give it to me..

  • who did you give gifts to?

  • I give gifts to all these girls.

  • All these, uhm..that have given me presents.

  • And how many girls was that?

  • I got it from..

  • 10 girls

  • Do you get like cards and all that stuff..what is this?

  • Well, this is just like uhm- chocolate for friends.

  • And then you call it tomo-choco(友チョコ)

  • Tomo is like tomodachi and Tomodachi means friend.

  • And choco is just chocolate. So, friend chocolate.

  • Do you have cards like Christmas? Do you have cards for people? No.

  • No? No. Ohh.

  • Do you just buy these at the store? No, it's all made.

  • It's all made? Yeah. They all made it.

  • By hand? Yeah.

  • How do you know who give gifts to? Uhm- you can just give it to your friends or people that you want to give it to.

  • You can give it to anybody.

  • What happens if like you give it to a friend but another friend doesn't give it back?

  • Our friend gives you something but you didn't make something for them. How do you know?

  • Well, there is Wh- White Day and it's on March 14.

  • And then you give it back like if i didn't give it to this girl but this girl will give it to me.

  • I give it back on White Day.

  • Who gives more gifts? The girls or the boys, what do you think?

  • Uhm- the girls- girls like making it and giving it like they love that

  • Boys they just like- I don't think they make it but they just like- some people doesn't even do it.

  • Or some people just may give us the money and then give it to people but- yeah.

  • Can you open some of these? and show us what they look like? Okay.

  • Oh..that's a heart! They're a cookie?

  •'s kind of a chocolate brownie thing.

  • And it's called makurokurosuke and then she loves Totoro- the movie My Neighbor Totoro.

  • So she loves this so she mean it.

  • That's pretty cool! Wow. Okay. Thanks!

  • Can I show all of it? Yeah, sure.

  • Bunny! That's a cool bunny~

  • What did you made for people? I made this- How did you make that?

  • Well, I can kind of uhm- follow the recipe of my mom like eggs and sugar stuff and stuffs to make a cake and you uhm- bake it and it's done.

  • Did you get to boys and girls? Not- yeah boys just 2 friends.

  • Did you want them to be your boyfriends?

  • No.

  • Oh. Just friends. Oh, okay.

  • Do you give one to your teacher?

  • Uhh..we are not allowed to bring food to school.

  • Oh, so then how did you get all of this tomo-chocos if you didn't get them at school?

  • This is after school like everybody goes to their houses and give it- yeah.

  • So it's kinda like trick or treating except you're delivering candy instead of going to your house to get candy.

  • Uhh..well kinda like that.

  • How does Adult's Valentines Day and White Day work?

  • Uhm..well, I heard the boys give it to the girls on White Day and girls give it to boys on Valentine's Day.

  • I have one last question. Uhm..Why are you wearing a mask? Are you gonna do some surgery?

  • No. I'm kinda sick.

  • Thanks for watching! See you next time! Bye~

  • What Valentine's Day like where you're from?

  • and how much chocolate did you get? Bye~

  • And this is the choco that I got and this is from my sister-in-law and have a box full of these.

  • And this is from my wife- aiko's mommy.

  • And this is from my mother-in-law, she gave me this box. So, I got chocolates too!

  • Yay~

Hello world, where I'm from in Japan,


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在日本過情人節的方法 (Figuring Out Valentine's Day in Japan)

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