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  • Madison: Oh shit.


  • Dr. Sam: Okay, we've zeroed in on the last ping from the ORCA. Fenway Park, dead ahead.

  • (We'll lay cover fire to keep Ghidorah distracted.)

  • Copy that.

  • Colonel, all squadrons are locked on target.

  • Dr. Ilene: For Serizawa.

  • Dr. Sam: Is it just me or,

  • has he been working out?

  • Dr. Rick: You kidding me?

  • Serizawa's got that lizard juiced!

  • Diane: Damn right.

  • Dr. Rick: Oh boy!

  • Godzilla's radiation levels have gone through the roof.

  • We got about 12 minutes before he goes thermal nuclear!

  • Diane: What do you mean?

  • Dr. Rick: I'm saying about 12 minutes,

  • it's gonna be a bad day to be a Red Sox fan.

  • Dr. Sam: Okay guys, you need to find the ORCA, get Madison and get the hell out of there!

  • (Whatever Serizawa did to Godzilla worked a little too well,

  • cause he's about to explode like an atom bomb!)

  • Roger that.

  • Jackson: Prepare for landing!

Madison: Oh shit.


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B2 中高級

重生後的哥斯拉回歸|哥斯拉:怪獸之王[4k, HDR] (Godzilla returns after rebirth | Godzilla: King of the Monsters [4k, HDR])

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