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  • the long lines were seeing tonight across the country for tests and the reality check here from doctors and ers coast to coast.

  • What do they have in stock?

  • One e R doctor saying he is now guarding his own mask A B C's Mac up in tonight on that part of story tonight, emergency room doctors and nurses warning that critical protective gear is running low and putting them in danger.

  • If the big thing that we need on the front lines right now is personal protective gear for my colleagues and myself, you know, I've got my mask for today right here.

  • Um, and I'm guarding it with my life because it could be my life.

  • Steven Anderson is an E R doctor in Auburn, Washington, he says in about 48 hours his hospital will run out of protective gear and masks other hospitals instituting severe rationing.

  • Now I'm getting a mask, and I'm told to hold on to that mass for the entirety of the week.

  • And across the country, doctors and nurses are getting sick.

  • Emory University confirming they have workers who tested positive.

  • San Francisco Dr Rosny Daniel isolating himself after being infected, he attended a conference with hundreds of E R physicians near Times Square.

  • Healthcare workers with underlying conditions feeling especially vulnerable.

  • I have asthma when I tend to get even.

  • Ah, a common cold or or the flu, I'm sometimes compromise.

  • The U.

  • S has a stockpile of 13 million and 95 respirator masks, but the federal government has said up to a 1,000,000,000 might be needed over the next six months.

  • At Putney Health System in Georgia, they ran through six months of protective gear in seven days.

  • So volunteers air now so uncovers for masks using surgical sheets.

  • We got an army of seamstress.

  • Make it in these for us in the community, volunteers people from out of town.

  • But some critical supplies present a bigger challenge.

  • Ventilators are already in short supply.

  • Nationwide, there are roughly 170,000 but some estimates expected demand of nearly a 1,000,000.

  • We need ventilators.

  • I have ventilators this morning, but the hospital up the street from me is out of ventilators.

  • At the moment.

  • Kyle Abernathy is recovering from an infection and is now watching his wife fight for her life and needing a ventilator.

  • She was at one point, requiring 100% oxygen for the ventilator.

  • Now she's down to 50%.

  • While many are struggling to overcome the virus, others have been able to recover in a matter of days.

  • ABC is Kaylee.

  • Hartung contracted Covert, 19 while reporting from hard hit Washington State.

  • When she got home, she started feeling symptoms, including a low grade fever.

  • I had a headache just right between the eyes.

  • I was congested.

  • I had body aches in places that I wasn't used to having him.

  • I am feeling so much better.

  • This virus was something that really knocked me off my feet for a day, really encouraging to see Kayleigh there.

  • And and she looks like she's doing much better.

  • And earlier in the week, when we were all checking in on her match, he was talking about having felt those symptoms that low grade fever, the aches and pains really for about 24 hours and then started to feel better.

  • In fact, I know she was moving in her apartment, encouraging, and then that test came back positive.

  • So it gives us one more portrait of how this virus can affect people in different ways.

  • That's right, and she already had started feeling better By the time she got the result you mentioned, it affects people in different ways.

  • She never had some of the symptoms like a cough, but I spoke to her tonight.

  • She says she is taking that 14 day isolation very seriously, and she has a reminder for us all.

  • Take that social distancing seriously.

  • Even if you're young and you begin to start to feel symptoms, just distance yourself even before, because it might be too late.

  • David are thanks to you again tonight, man.

  • And of course, our thanks to Caylee.

  • Cover this story for many days beginning.

  • Hi, everyone.

  • George Stephanopoulos here.

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the long lines were seeing tonight across the country for tests and the reality check here from doctors and ers coast to coast.


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