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  • quiet.

  • I'm Steve Martin and welcome to master class.

  • I was talking to some students and they were saying things like, How do I get a agent?

  • Where do I get my head shots?

  • And I just thought, shouldn't The first thing you're thinking about is how do I be?

  • Good.

  • I have a little bit of a pet peeve for comedians who come out and say, How are we doing tonight?

  • You've blown one of the most important moments of your show.

  • Say, I'm sorry, we're out of the way.

  • We're going to talk about a lot of things.

  • We're gonna talk about my specific process like performing comedy, a move that over there we're going to talk about writing.

  • Editing is one of your most powerful tools that it's not working.

  • It's gone the next night.

  • Now what gets the laugh whenever it's the word that gets the laugh?

  • I always question it on.

  • Ultimate goal in mind is to work clean.

  • Well, then you should take off.

  • I never actually thought I was funny.

  • You may think I don't have any talent.

  • I guarantee you I had no talent.

  • No, remember you are a thought machine.

  • Everything you see here, experience is usable.

  • Oh, what?

  • Oh, whatever makes you unique as a performer.

  • Do it and know that there's room for you.

  • Hey, Welcome to Steve Martin's master class, huh?

  • Yeah.



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