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  • What about my spy?

  • Okay, because to move you're promoting, it's coming out.

  • It's coming out the day before my birthday domestically, domestically.

  • And then, if you want to see it, another country, you have to wait till the day after my birthday because everyone knows my birth now calling.

  • And no, it's coming out around the world on Friday, the March fight of the 30 this week and then and then a day after your birthday in America.

  • Okay, I just want you to feel like every day is your breakfast.

  • I just wanted to make your movie release about my birthday.

  • I did it already.

  • Incredibly complicated.

  • You worked with David Batista is just randomly making noises.

  • I love it.

  • Uh, clearly a Batista fan.

  • Uh, fun working with Dave Batista?

  • Yeah, he's but have you ever you know, he's fun, like I'm not.

  • Oh, Did you see a blank?

  • You have You met Batista?

  • He was came to a comic con show, I believe.

  • Yeah.

  • Tell your members all a blank to me.

  • Oh, I've been high for years.

  • This'll guys big.

  • He's a former w w e star.

  • I mean, you know, he's huge.

  • I watched him eat an entire chicken for lunch once.

  • Wait with the bones and everything I know he's like, Yeah, these huge.

  • And they've gotta, like, you know, whatever they put into their body is so specific to keep the machine going.

  • And, uh, one time I ran into him at a sushi restaurant and he was like, Oh, my God, I'm so glad I don't live near the sushi restaurant because I'd be here all the time.

  • And I was like, What's wrong with that?

  • Because I for me, sushi is healthy.

  • Yeah, but I guess it's not if you're a bodybuilder cause of the rice, you imagine.

  • Well, hey, see, I know what it's like to constantly craft your body to make sacrifices.

  • What you laughing for?

  • Laughing at the, uh, job I had in my head from years ago.

  • We have a clip from my spy.

  • Oh, my God.

  • I think this is with you and Dave Booty.

  • So we get to see a little bit of year your energy, how it's different.

  • You guys got different energy.

  • Ugh.

  • This was actually this role is meant for ah, man.

  • And then I convinced them that even these tits could do that way.

  • God, I can't take this No attention.

  • Touch a patient.

  • Your sight.

  • Look, you could get addicted to the drama high pretty quickly.

  • No, The boredom.

  • Yeah, I know.

  • Show many layers as you want to stay.

  • I'm real excited to be learning from you.

  • I'm not teaching you anything.

  • It's more of a mentor mentee relationship.

  • We have zero relationship yet, but we're building toward something pretty great.

  • I can just feel it.

  • You'll share your harrowing experiences in the field and also I do not touch.

  • Okay, that was awesome.

  • I'm gonna see that movie.

  • You see that movie in Hong Kong?

  • You can be with your kids.

  • That's what's kind of fun.

  • You can't want the cat here all the time.

  • Well, then your kids can be a fan of me.

  • Just so you know, this morning, actually, because when I was doing comic con with you Big give me all the cone and dolls.

  • I have cone in corn and travel head popped off.

  • Yeah, dressed Jon Snow and Penny wise.

  • And she plays with them all the time.

  • You haven't?

  • No, She picked it up.

  • This mother, you feel like calling it calling it?

  • Yeah, that's good.

  • I they must learn young.

  • My spy is going to be in theaters.

  • This is domestically.

  • Yeah.

  • The day theme day before my birthday, April 17.

  • Delighted.

  • You're one of our favorite people, Kristen, shall we?

What about my spy?


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克里斯汀-沙爾的 "我的間諜 "角色是為一個男人準備的 - CONAN on TBS (Kristen Schaal’s “My Spy” Role Was Intended For A Man - CONAN on TBS)

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