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  • first peppers cut around the flat edges to minimize waste, then chop the nice thing about making expansion.

  • There's no set recipe because you can put it together purely All tomatoes, hot peppers, half tomatoes.

  • I like the flavor of the cucumber in there as well.

  • That gives it that freshness.

  • The secret of a great dispatcher is the longer you leave it marinating, the better the flavor so you can get this done the night before I left in the fridge.

  • The results are stunning.

  • The green and red peppers have suddenly complementary flavors on go well with ripe tomatoes.

  • Start off by removing the better course.

  • Little knife.

  • I'm just put it in where the core is twisted round when you get this level core out.

  • Remember my first experience eating a dispatcher in Spain?

  • Mind blowing?

  • I've never forgotten that quarter your tomatoes, keeping the juicy seeds that add so much depth of taste.

  • Nice and from there, cucumber.

  • Just kill that seeds, Leavin that gives it the flavor on the texture.

  • Cucumber expansion does exactly what it does in a Pimm's.

  • It's sort of freshens up amazing mouthwatering snacks that in half again in the quarters and shop now to give dispatch.

  • Oh, it's unique texture and thicken the soup, bread and the crispy, the crust better than garlic, thinly sliced next spring.

  • Onions nice and roughly chopped on basil stocks and old.

  • We can new stalks and basil stalks past the stalks.

  • Terrible stores have the most amazing flavor.

  • Basil.

  • Now we'll start marinating salt, black pepper and a good coating of olive.

  • All this gives it a glossy, creamy flavor.

  • Sherry vinegar.

  • That's the perfect vinegar for the dispatcher.

  • It's a strong, acidic compliment to the flavors and just mix it up.

  • Smell already is incredible.

  • It doesn't look like a dispatcher.

  • But by the time this marinades, all those flavors start getting to know one another.

  • What a sudden you got this huge explosion of contrast.

  • Now push that down in the restaurants.

  • We press the marinade down overnight, a couple big pans on top, and we crush a ll the ingredients and then blitz it the next day.

  • Flavors extraordinary.

  • Leave all those fresh ingredients packed with goodness to marinate from half a now to even overnight, and then when you blend it, it just comes together at this sumptuous, rich, delicious chilled soup to get with my super tasty soup.

  • I've got an ultra healthy and exciting desert carpaccio of pineapple, which is a Chevy way of saying super thinly sliced.

  • It's done with a twist.

  • We're gonna have a delicious flavored salt as we flavored with vanilla, simply scrape out the Villagers seeds and add to sea salt along with the pot to store.

  • Now that basically keeps river.

  • There's no sell by date because of salt and vanilla, so so fragrant, so delicious you don't need much of this fragrant salt to intensify the sweetness of the pineapple pineapple.

  • Slice peeled pineapple into wafer thin pieces.

  • So was this.

  • It's so transparent.

  • Once you've sliced the pineapple, take the flavor to another level a light Sprinkle of vanilla salt and arrange the pineapple in a flower shape.

  • It's a beautiful way of finishing a male fragrance over the crunch with the cells in the vid.

  • Assault just marinades the pineapple beautifully, then scattered nutrient rich pomegranate seeds over the top to finish finely shredded fresh mint just slicing really thin from then get that nice, cool minty flavor financial.

  • My carpaccio is ready on Michael Spatulas been marinating in the fridge time, then the soup and onto Blenda and start off nice and slowly blend until super fine and gloriously silky and serve refreshingly cold to bowl imported.

  • Now to finish it, get some fresh basil, roll it nice and time, shred it and then drop it into your ball, fresh chopped basil and then finally, just a touch of extra virgin olive oil just to give that really nice additional freshness.

  • Look at that healthy and delicious dispatcher.

  • Soup to me is a taste of Mediterranean sunshine in a bowl, followed by the wafer thin carpaccio of pineapple with jewels of pomegranate.

  • Goodness for dessert, practically all of your five a day in one incredible healthy lunch, okay?

first peppers cut around the flat edges to minimize waste, then chop the nice thing about making expansion.


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涼菜配菠蘿薄片、石榴和香草鹽 By Gordon Ramsay (Gazpacho Paired With Pineapple Carpaccio, Pomegranate & Vanilla Salt By Gordon Ramsay)

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