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  • don't you bring me down?

  • Technique is only 1/4 of it.

  • Passion and drive is like 100%.

  • You start.

  • You just have to push that breath out.

  • It's an aggression comes from that.

  • What Not Well, I give a fuck what it sounds like, You know.

  • Don't be so perfect.

  • The recording a beautiful that take you hear the one take vocal.

  • I didn't like it because I wanted to do take after take, but this has to be perfect.

  • But this note has to be great.

  • The writer of the song taught me to appreciate the beauty and imperfections.

  • And that is truth, sudden.

  • They is, uh, just a little breath of little quiver.

  • It's so meaningful.

  • Every student can learn from this course how to better trust yourself what to look out for, what to listen to when to project, when to be silent so that you can take in everything, Then use it to your advantage.

  • I'm Christina Aguilera, and this is my master class.

don't you bring me down?


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克里斯蒂娜-阿奎萊拉教唱歌|官方預告片|大師班 (Christina Aguilera Teaches Singing | Official Trailer | MasterClass)

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