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  • n. 車輪;
  • v. 推動; 滾動;轉動;
  • This is the front wheel of my car
  • Please wheel your car into the repair shop
  • The dog will wheel around toward its tail

用可口可樂做聖誕裝飾 How To Make Coca Cola Truck Christmas Decoration

用可口可樂做聖誕裝飾 How To Make Coca Cola Truck Christmas Decoration Image 03:59
  1. next take the wheel arch, curl it into shape, bend over the tabs and glue it into place.

  2. length and add the other wheel.

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X Japan - Art of Life 演唱會版 1993

X Japan - Art of Life 演唱會版 1993 Image 34:08
  1. you can't say "no" only turning the wheel of time <i>with a rope around your neck</i>

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We Are Chase

We Are Chase Image 08:37
  1. loan created more growth than the invention of the wheel.

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時代精神2:Zeitgeist Addendum

時代精神2:Zeitgeist Addendum Image 02:03:07
  1. running on a hamster wheel, with millions of others,

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  1. Trying to, or the act of picking up a girl.
    "Hey guys, watch me go wheel that broad."
    -or- "I've totaly been wheeling this chick from work".
  2. A term used to describe a guys ability to talk to and seduce women.
    Guy- " you literally have no wheels Dunsmore'
  3. A very complicated term meaning the way you're making a move on someone. This term finds its origin with cocky rep hockey and lacrosse players, who often think that their wheels are round, when indeed they are square. There are various ways to use said term. a)describing how well your macking technique is working out for you. For example, one might say "square wheels" or "pentagon wheels" if the technique is not very effective; if the tactics are effective, however, one could say "wow, those wheels are so round right now!" b)can also be used as a verb: "so, who are you wheelin' on these days?" Translation: "who are you trying to get with these days?" c) can be used as an encouragement: "sick wheels man!" or a heads up that you need to reconsider: "whoah you're wheels are burnin' up, go take a lap!" Disclaimer: As contributers to the honorable site urbandictionary.com, we recognize that not all hockey and lacrosse players are womanizing and have degrading conversations, we'll even admit that we like lots of them and are good friends... but hey, when describing their bunk language, what are we without our stereotypes.
    Let's review. a) Guy: "Did you just fart? Because girl, you just blew me away." Girl: (awkward silence) ... yikes, octagonal wheels..." (walks away very quickly) OR: Guy: "If beauty were time, you'd be an eternity" Girl: "Ooohh, I like round wheels!" (walks away... with new boyfriend) b)Hockey Player Number One: "Dude, check it, I'm wheelin' that blonde puck with the nice rack over there. Shotty." Hockey Player Number Two: "Eassyyy herooo, take a lap; it's all about wheelin' on the younger grade eight girls these days, she's way too mature to fall for our corny pick up lines and empty promises." c)Aforementioned Hockey Player Number Two walks by Hockey Player Number one and sees him hooking up with blonde bimbo puckfuckandchuck: "Maybe you do have some sick wheels broski! Nice!" First Hockey Player extracts tongue from puckfuckandchuck's mouth and says: "yeah you better be jealous, this is what can happen if you oil those squeaky wheels of yours once in a while, you twat."
  4. To flirt with someone. When you are wheeling someone you are flirting with someone in the moment. To wheel someone is to wheel them regularly, in person, over text, ect. It is a term that began at Breck School, courtesy of the hockey players. It is now used all over the school, and has replaced words like "chop, mack, ect". Boys at Breck school tend to yell across the hallways "WHEELS!!" whenever they see someone in the middle of wheeling.
    "Hey look at them over there..." "WHEELS!!!"
  5. A term referring to a motor vehicle or general means of transport.
    "That guy sure has a nice set of wheels!"
  6. The expression said by your teammates indicating you should hold onto the puck and continue skating around the net, this helps when you don't have time to check your blind side or under pressure from a pursuing opponent.
    wheel wheel wheel, says Patty Dangles teammates as he stickhandles around the net with the other team chasing him.
  7. a device invented by cavemen for cavemen so they could escape their wives
    Hey that [neanderthal] had a good idea with that wheel, now our wives won't force us to do crap we don't want to!
  8. To Wheel (Verb)- Being able to attain the affection of an attractive female through one's smooth words, suave interaction, and or good looks. A guy who "wheels" is one who can easily pick up chicks. One who is not good at getting girls is referred to as "having no wheels."
    "I don't know how he does it, but Ben [wheels] so many girls." "Did you see Jacob last night? He was wheeling that one hot chick so hard." "I feel bad for Josh, he has [no wheels]."
  9. To have a way with women, usually involving some sort of charm and/or game plan. Very similar to charisma. Derived from "wheelin' and dealin'".
    Did you see the blonde he went home with? That guy's got some serious wheels.