• US /ˈwɔtɚˌpruf, ˈwɑtə-/
  • UK /'wɔ:təpru:f/
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  • adj. 不滲水的 ; 防水的; 防水;
  • v. 防水;
  • I needed a waterproof coat to walk in the rain

日本的一天 (One Day in Japan)

日本的一天 (One Day in Japan) Image 11:22
  1. and the camera itself is waterproof, which is a good thing, because when i was doing the row boating, there was water splashing all over the place.

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我們要搬家了! (We're moving!)

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What Does SPF Mean?

What Does SPF Mean? Image 03:15
  1. sweat and water makes some sunscreens come off more easily and even the best waterproof stuff still breaks down or rubs off after a couple of hours.

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  1. When someone is waterproof, it means solid. It has to do with leaking a secret or snitching. One who is waterproof will not leak any information to someone else.
    1.Come on, tell me. You know I am waterproof. 2. "Why did you tell that kid?" "Don't worry he's waterproof"