• US /ˈvɛri/
  • UK /'verɪ/
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  • adv. 非常 ; 怎樣 ; 大 ; 實在 ; 很 ; 不勝 ; 頂 ; 高度 ; 狠 ; 精 ; 良 ; 蠻 ; 煞 ; 甚 ; 十分 ; 太; 非常 ; 怎樣 ; 大 ; 實在 ; 很 ; 不勝 ; 頂 ; 高度 ; 狠 ; 精 ; 良 ; 蠻 ; 煞 ; 甚 ; 十分 ; 太;
  • adj. 很多、超多;
  • He runs very fast
  • Getting a job is the very reason he goes to college
  • The girls are very tall, she can see over everyone's heads
  1. An overused adverb meaning "in a high degree" or "extremely". Ignorant people misuse it, in for example: This Greek pot is very unique. Katrina was a very disastrous hurricane. Unique is unique. There is only one. How can you get more unique than that? Something that is disastrous is just that. "Very" adds nothing.
    She's very pregnant.
  2. Cool or awesome, used to emphasize a good quality about something
    "How very!" or "Come on, Heather, it'll be very."
  3. another variation of teenage slang meaning tight, chill, sweet, awesome, cool, etc.
    the show to night will be so very