• US / juːˈten.sɪl/
  • UK /juːˈten.sɪl/
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  • n. (尤指廚房或家用的) 器具,用具;
  • People of different cultures use different eating utensils, Koreans use chopsticks and spoon, and Americans use forks, knives, and spoons

7-Eleven著名的思樂冰的真相。 (The Truth About 7-Eleven's Famous Slurpee)

7-Eleven著名的思樂冰的真相。 (The Truth About 7-Eleven's Famous Slurpee) Image 04:30
  1. the pioneering utensil was developed by arthur a. aykanian, an industrial designer who trained as a mechanical engineer at mit.

    首批器具是由 Arthur A. Aykanian,一位從麻省理工學院機械工程訓練出身的機械設計師所發明
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  1. n. the four utensil positions are the: [spoon], [fork], [spork], and [knife]
    They got really stoned and experimented with all the utensil positions the whole night.
  2. One of three things a man uses to pleasure a woman. 1. Fingers 2. Tounge (eating out) 3.Penis
    1. Kipp: Man i used my first utensil last night! Steve: How many!? Kipp: Three!!!! 2. Kipp: Hey steve guess what! Steve: What kipp!? Kipp: I used my second utensil. last night.. and it tasted AWESOME! Steve: JEALOUS!! 3. Kipp: hey steve.. I used my third utensil last night.. Steve: Nice!! Did it hurt her? Kipp: Always does!