• US /ˈsɪɡnətʃɚ/
  • UK /ˈsɪgnətʃə(r)/
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  • adj. 著名的(作品);
  • n. 簽名;
  • This is the signature dish of this restaurant
  • I wrote my signature when I received the package

在台灣嘗試了超讚的甜點 (Delicious Desserts to Try in Taiwan)

在台灣嘗試了超讚的甜點 (Delicious Desserts to Try in Taiwan) Image 10:12
  1. they sell traditional donuts but what i want to talk about are their signature pon de ring donuts.

    他們出售傳統的甜甜圈,但我想要的談論他們的簽名pon de環甜甜圈。
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夜市美食也要用英文說!公館夜市好玩好吃報你知!Gongguan Night Market Part II

夜市美食也要用英文說!公館夜市好玩好吃報你知!Gongguan Night Market Part II Image 03:00
  1. -i recommend our signature, which is the bolognese. -the bolognese is your signature?

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應該看什麽書來學英語 (What books should I read to improve my English)

應該看什麽書來學英語 (What books should I read to improve my English) Image 09:34
  1. signature". so maybe when you were a child and you had to get permission to go somewhere,

  2. signature illegally -- copy it, essentially. don't do that.

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韓國的寵物文化 (TL;DR - Pet Culture in Korea)

韓國的寵物文化 (TL;DR - Pet Culture in Korea) Image 09:47
  1. golden signature

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  1. User-defined message which is attached to all of said user's posts. Signatures come in these types: * Flashy show-off signature with a HUGE image in it. These are hardly ever done by the user carrying it. It is usually accompanied with some lame anime character no one cares about. They all look the same, because they probably all followed the same dang tutorial. * Animation hell. This guy loves animated GIFs, and it shows. Not funny, and your computer will start your second fan. I hope you have a content blocker handy. * Proud users. These are the idiots with 10 "[something] user" banners in their signatures. They also have a huge "GET FIREFOX (or die)" button. * The "no one cares but me" signature. These guys have a huge "I'm listening to:" thing. Most of the time, they're listening to some new punk/emo band that you probably hate. They also include random facts about themselves, as if someone cared. These are combined with Flashy or Proud signature types for a double suck attack. * General [GameFAQs] user's signature. These have anime quotes from [Naruto], [Sailor Moon] 'n the rest of that crap. No doubt it will have a nice fad included with it, such as "Fox for sex" or "I won't change this until...." Sometimes they include a quote everybody has heard before, in a sad attempt at looking somewhat intelligent. Bland quotes from other GameFAQs users appear at times. * The [useful] signature. I cannot comment on these since no one has ever spotted one. Maybe you can be the first. No wait, better yet, don't have a signature at all.
    "OMG I GOT SIG'D! Its kinda sad when som1 gets ecxited when theyre in a signature, but who cares!!" "I'm listening to: Hamper Case by Green Gay. Uptime: 2 hours, 31 minutes" "Do the Kirby Dance!!! <('.'<) ^('.')^ (>'.')>"
  2. When someone writes his/her own name in cursive, usually illegible.
    Guy1: Awesome! I got Kristen Stewart's signature! Guy2: How can you tell? I can't read it. Guy1: Well, I saw her sign it.
  3. It is the new, hip way of describing something that is totally cool and unique. Another variant could be "signacha".
    That restaurant we went to today was SO signature dude!" or "My kid is like no other. She's signature yo!
  4. a small banner-shaped picture that is used to display ones name on an online fourm. Usually made with photoshop, many of these are rather impressive.
    I made 20 signatures for this foum today.
  5. After flushing down a #2, the culprit leaves behind only a piece of poo stained toilet paper.
    I walked into Bonnie's bathroom and saw that someone left their signature in her toilet, gross!
  6. dem tings you scribble at the end of the page to let the damn world know who the fuck you are
    Her: Please put your signature here *indicates* Me: Aight fam, you ain't buff tho
  7. Useless links on the bottom of forum posts to make Google think your site is cool.
    I really hate that forum, it's full of scammers and geeks, but I will post something so Google thinks my site got game. Hold on, lemme add my signatures before I make a post, I hope I don't need more than posts to get one.