• US /ʃæl/
  • UK /ʃəl/
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  • aux. 將... ; 必須... ; 會...嗎 ; 是不是...呢 ; 讓...好嗎 ; 將; 應該(做某事); 應該(建議做某事);
  • Shall we meet at the train station next Monday?
  • You shall wear a suit to the wedding, even if you don’t want to, because it’s the right thing to do
  • Shall I make dinner for us both this evening?

【電影預告】飢餓遊戲首部曲(The Hunger Games - Trailer)

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  1. shall offer up in tribute, -

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時代精神2:Zeitgeist Addendum

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  1. "is that capital shall control labor by controlling wages."

    資本家應通過控制貨幣 來控制工資
  2. you brought up to believe that you shall earn your living

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想要幫助別人?教你該怎麼說! (Polite English: How to offer help)

想要幫助別人?教你該怎麼說! (Polite English: How to offer help) Image 04:05
  1. or you can use this expression as well -- very polite: "shall i shut the door?"

    或是你也可以用這個詞句 非常有禮貌 「我是否該關門?」
  2. "shall i switch off the television?" okay, well, that's probably going to be more at home.

    「我是否該關掉電視?」 好吧 這個情境可能比較容易在家出現
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  1. A word which, like [whom], has come to be thought of as overly formal and stuffy in American speech. In current use, it indicates a very strong intention or will to do something. Traditionally, shall is used as an auxilliary to form the future tense for the first person: ("I" and "we") I shall go you will go he/she/it will go we shall go they will go Negative: shall not, contracted as shan't.
    This service was atrocious! We shan't be coming back here again!