• US /səˈvɪr/
  • UK /sɪ'vɪə(r)/
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  • adj. 嚴峻的:苛刻的; 嚴重; 樸素的;簡樸的;
  • He has a severe way of talking to his children, they are afraid of him
  • This area suffers from severe heat in the summer months
  • The elderly lady was dressed in a severe overcoat

致命的東西其實超級多! (This Much Will Kill You)

致命的東西其實超級多! (This Much Will Kill You) Image 03:41
  1. and it takes around 4 minutes without oxygen to cause severe brain injury

  2. this height put severe stress on his circulatory system

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  1. awesome, cool, hot. anything positive.
    That chick is severe. I just had the most severe hamburger