• US /səˈlaɪvə/
  • UK /səˈlaɪvə/
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  • n. 唾液 ; 唾 ; 涎;
  • His mouth filled with saliva at the thought of dinner
  1. Spit/spittle/drool/slobber Not to be confused with [salvia], a psychoactive drug.
    1. Chewing produces saliva which helps fight plaque and bacteria. Kid 1: Dude, I smoked a load of saliva last night, it was wicked. Kid 2: Err, do you mean salvia?
  2. A kick ass band. They made songs like Click click boom and Lackluster. They are probably the best nu-metal band out there.
    Saliva fucking rules.
  3. woman juice used to lube the cock for head
    spit some saliva on my tool and get back to work
  4. The best band. Ever.
    Did you hear the new Saliva song? yeah! it was fucking awesome!!!!