• US /ruˈtin/
  • UK /ru:ˈti:n/
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  • adj. 例行 ; 公事 ; 日常工作; 例行的;常規的;
  • n. 例程; 例行公事;日常工作;
  • My job is too routine, all I ever do is put data into the computer
  • Tomorrow, I’ll make my routine visit to the doctor, I do this every year
  • My job is always the same routine, I think I’ll quit
  • The dancer tried a new routine and the audience loved it

The Science of Productivity

The Science of Productivity Image 03:16
  1. but how can you develop the discipline to follow this routine?

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習慣的力量 (The Power of Habit [Epipheo.TV])

習慣的力量 (The Power of Habit [Epipheo.TV]) Image 02:56
  1. there's a cue which is like a trigger for a behavior to start, and then there is a routine which is the behavior itself, and then finally a reward, which is how our brain learns to encode that automatic behavior for the future.

  2. and one of the big differences is that for years when people thought about habits, they focused in on the routine, on the behavior.

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創業家的十項迷思 (The 10 Myths of Entrepreneurship)

創業家的十項迷思 (The 10 Myths of Entrepreneurship) Image 10:19
  1. it’s about a learnable routine in dealing with the unexpected. learnable? but aren’t you born to be an entrepreneur?

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  1. 1. a set of predefined actions. 2. a lesser part of a great programming whole. syn. [subroutine]
    1. He went through his routine every morning. 2. The routine was set, and the program needed to be tested.