• US /ˈɑːbviəsli/
  • UK /ˈɒbviəsli/
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  • adv. 明顯地 ; 明了地 ; 顯然地;
  • He was obviously tired after walking fifty kilometers
  1. of course, duh, apparently
    I'm just awesome... obviously
  2. maddening cliché, adverb 1. A word overused in the wrong way by ignorant British speakers who meanof coursebut for some reason will not use that perfectly adequate phrase. 2. Used as a filler word to hold the floor in a conversation, the ignorant, British speaker believing thatobviouslysounds intellectual, unlikeer, um’. 3. In an obvious manner, overtly. 4. A word used to excuse the speaker for stating something which is openly apparent to the listener.
    1. Shane: “So I was in the darkroom all alone, right? And obviously, my daughter having secretly swapped the chemicals for some other ones, the fumes obviously sent me to sleep. Obviously, I didnt wake up until the meteorite burst through the ceiling.” Cedric: “Obvious to whom? You are an oaf, Shane.” 2. “Well, Garywere going to go out there and play some football today and, er, [hopefully], come away with a resultobviouslycuzwell, thats what footballs about, [at the end of the day] – obviouslythe results speak for themselves and [basically], its all about the silverware on the sideboard at the end of the season so were going to try to score some goals andobviously…” 3. “Dicky was coming on to Harriet so obviously that we all covered our faces and groaned with embarrassment.” 4. “It was at that point, officer that he stabbed me. Sorry about the blood all over your shoes. My shirt is ruined, obviously. Do you think I could claim for that on my insurance?”