IPA [mɪˈtæbəˌlɪzəm] KK [mɛˋtæb!͵ɪzəm]




Light quality could influence the nitrogen metabolism of plant and adjust the carbohydrate and protein metabolism.

Lumped constant ( LC ) is the ratio of FDG metabolism ratio to glucose metabolism ratio.
集總常數 ) 是FDG ( 氟代脫氧葡萄糖)與葡萄糖的代謝率之比.

The important feature of Streptococcus mutans " biochemical metabolism is the reactive oxygen species metabolism. "
活性氧代謝是變形 鏈球菌 生化代謝的重要特徵.

MAP storage could delay the decline of organic acids by inhibiting malic acid metabolism during storage.

HPL is one of the factors that contributing to carbohydrate metabolism changes during pregnancy.

用想的就可以瘦?科學家的奶昔實驗 (A Milkshake Experiment)

用想的就可以瘦?科學家的奶昔實驗 (A Milkshake Experiment) Image 03:39
  1. you've had enough here you know and i'm gonna start revving up the metabolism,

  2. so to summarize, you may be able to change your metabolism with your mind.

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總是想睡懶覺?幾招讓你不再賴床!How To Wake Up Better

總是想睡懶覺?幾招讓你不再賴床!How To Wake Up Better Image 02:14
  1. once you're out of bed, have a big ass glass of water. it would get your metabolism revving and flush out toxins,

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睡覺也可以減肥?教你正確的睡眠知識!(Sleep to Lose Weight)

睡覺也可以減肥?教你正確的睡眠知識!(Sleep to Lose Weight) Image 08:04
  1. energy for the body cells. the way metabolism is controlled by a number of hormones. huh?

  2. my metabolism kicks into gear and is running really, really fast, i will wake up in the

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  1. The sum total of all biochemical reactions that occur in a person's body. Digestion of food is just one aspect of metabolism. Divided into catabolism, where organic molecules are oxidised and degreaded to prodice energy, and anabolism, where small organic molecules are combined to form larger ones at a cost of energy.
    My last biochemistry exam was all about metabolism.
  2. A word that fat people do not understand. They use it as a scape goat for their fat asses instead of admitting to their own laziness.
    "It's hard for me to lose weight. I have a slow metabolism."
  3. The rate at which food is digested.
    I have a fast metabolism, so I don't get fat when I eat 16 kajillion tons of food everyday.
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