v.劫持( hijack的現在分詞 );綁架;攔路搶劫;操縱(會議等,以推銷自己的意圖);


Mr Sharif and six co - accused are facing charges of hijacking, attempted murder, kidnapping and terrorism.
謝里夫和其他六名被指控的同案犯面臨劫機, 試圖謀殺, 綁架和恐怖主義的指控.

The shrill voice of the police vehicle was behind them, bethought of hijacking the hostage.
身後的警車發出尖厲的叫聲, 傑克遜想到了劫持人質.

They are taking measures to guarantee against the occurrence of hijacking.

I have been told about the hijacking.

An anti hijacking system for an airplane to be operated during flight.

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  1. carving banks, hijacking pools and reinventing skateboarding in the process.

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  1. we were setting fire to shops that refused to serve us. hijacking cargo from companies that used faunus labour.

    我們放火燒掉不願意服務弗納人的店舖 劫持壓榨弗納人公司的貨物
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  1. Word used to identify message board thread take overs.
    The original post was about "holes" but some "hi-jacker" turned it into a peta discussion.
  2. 1: Masturbating in a plane when in mid-flight(especially in the cock-pit) 2. Masturbating while stoned
    Yesterday, I was hijacking in a hijacked plane
  3. Replying to a forum thread with a post that has at best a loose connection to the thread's topic, with the result that the thread starter's question gets side-tracked. Often, the tread gets completely derailed as more forum members respond to the hijacker's post or add their own problems to the thread, which are not related to the either the original topic, nor the hijacker's topic.
    A vague thread title is an open invitation to hijacking a forum thread with all kinds of unrelated reports.
  4. The act of masturbating while smoking a mammoth blunt.
    Damn dude I need to go do some hijacking tonight.
  5. When you are feeling horny on a plane and want to jackoff, so you go to the airplane toilets and let it flow.
    "I might need to do a HiJacking mid flight"