• US /ˈdaɪɪt/
  • UK /'daɪət/
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  • v. 節食;
  • n. 節食計畫;
  • other
  • Women often diet before their wedding, they want to look slim
  • He is on a diet to help himself to get stronger
  • I’m on a vegan diet at the money and lost 5kgs

在我 "成名 "之前。 (BEFORE I WAS "FAMOUS")

在我 '成名 '之前。 (BEFORE I WAS 'FAMOUS') Image 10:28
  1. diet coke

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2018年冬季動漫綜述 (Winter Anime 2018 in a Nutshell)

2018年冬季動漫綜述 (Winter Anime 2018 in a Nutshell) Image 11:20
  1. citrus should be an essential part of everyone's diet.

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兩個台灣,兩個中國,兩次 (Two Taiwans, Two Chinas, Twice)

兩個台灣,兩個中國,兩次 (Two Taiwans, Two Chinas, Twice) Image 11:54
  1. some of the deepest divisions that exist on mainland china today remain, diet (food, cuisine).

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要麼健身,要麼嘗試死亡 (Get Fit Or Die Trying)

要麼健身,要麼嘗試死亡 (Get Fit Or Die Trying) Image 02:45
  1. diet... and exercise.

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  1. a four-letter word that often leads to deprivation, frustration and, ultimately, failure
    Diet should not be in your vocabulary.
  2. A word used by large food corporations to decieve old/fat women and men into believing their product is actually remotely healthy.
    Diet coke, Diet Pepsi, etc.
  3. A PERMANANT EATING LIFESTYLE. Almost ALL Americans misconstrued (misinterpret) this word as a temporary change in eating habits to loose weight - such as a "protein diet"
    Many Americans have a very unhealthy diet of fast food and pizza.
  4. A form of torture, hence "Die" with a "t" at the end
    Oh man, I shouldn't be eating so much ice cream, I'm gonna have to go on a diet.
  5. n. A food consumption pattern lazy people take up in the place of regular exercise in order to lose weight.
    Atkins, Jenny Craig, High Carbs, Low Carbs, All Protein, No Protein, No Red Meat, No Starch, No Sugar, etc. Steve: Hey want to go eat some food? Janet: No thanks, I'm on a diet.
  6. Dare I eat this?
    I use the DIET method to lose wait by asking myself "dare I eat this?" before I eat anything.
  7. the thing your on today, then off of tomorrow
    Today: I am sooo like fat!!! Ima go ona diet for realz for realz. No more coco for me, ya heard! Tomorrow: uMMMM...them chips look good as hellz.... fuck it, im already fat, why dont I live a little?? (chomps on chips)
  8. relatively new phrase added onto major food and beverage products which is synonymous to: loaded chock full of [splenda] and impossible to consume because of horrible aftertaste, will make you want more of something that isn't good for you in the first place. or foods and beverages whose chief component is air.
    diet rice cakes
  9. food and/or drink regularly consumed by a person or animal. or a dumb thing people go on when in actuality they need to get off their asses and exercise! (stop sitting on the computer and looking up words such as diet or stop writing definitions about diets.)
    Giraffes have tough tongues due to the giraffe's diet, which can include tree thorns.
  10. A word fat people use to starve themselves or eat healthier for a certain time to lose weight, just to gain it all back and more in the long run
    "I'm going on a diet to lose be healthier and lose weight." "Ya right!"