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  • Hey, everyone, and welcome back.

  • Well, this will be a super quick lesson and its intended to answer one question and one question only.

  • Do matrices recycle?

  • Yes, absolutely.

  • Matrices are very responsible.

  • And just like Victor's and other operations matrices recycle.

  • Do you remember what recycling ISS Well, in the context of matrices, if you specified dimensions that cannot be filled up by what you have in the victors, you're bending or binding.

  • Our will recycle the vectors so your matrix is complete.

  • For example, if I passed the victor from 1 to 10 in The Matrix function in made it explicit that I want The Matrix to contain for Rose and four columns effectively needing 16 values are we recognized that my vector is too short for The Matrix and it will repeat it until all 16 values spots hold.

  • The value, as you see in this particular case, are also issues, a warning that 10 is not a mood to pull the number of rows, but that isn't usually consequential in any of the cases.

  • It does that, so don't worry about it.

  • So the moral of the story here we'll be aware that recycling will happen if necessary in some matrix operations.

  • That's it.

  • That is the whole lesson.

  • Thanks for watching and catch you in the next one form or videos like this one, please subscribe.

Hey, everyone, and welcome back.


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數據科學與統計學。R中的矩陣回收 (Data Science & Statistics: Matrix recycling in R)

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