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  • free ale tour by a really Yale student.

  • Free Tours.

  • The Ale Real Yale Student Free L Tours.

  • Really, L.

  • Stevens Free Yale Tours.

  • Just a few basic sort of ground rules here.

  • As as you may know, we we are in a city here in New Haven.

  • Always be careful.

  • You know, if you got a purse collector person, you know I hit the floor, you do the same.

  • It was founded in 17 01 There's actually not in New Haven, and initially, Yale actually made the active choice of moving to New Haven.

  • Made the choice of moving to a from a place that is not new haven to a place that is New Haven.

  • This is actually very, very similarly modeled to the oldest building at Harvard.

  • Yale is in many ways, Harvard sort of little, perhaps less successful.

  • Sister Yale students are stupider than Harvard students.

  • Yale students are not as successful as Harvard students.

  • Yale students are not as attractive as Harvard student up here.

  • And the raptors this way really, really good examples of classic Yale Gothic architecture, Gothic architecture, Gothic architecture, Gothic architecture up there got the architecture always more of that more Gothic architecture here.

  • We've got some new haven color here with the trash bags here, but that's fine.

  • Does anyone know what this building is?

  • Right?

  • Here it is.

  • It is the Skull and Bones Society behind me.

  • I am personally a member.

  • It's a very elite, sort of institution club.

  • Getting into It's not really based on merit, which then I say, brings me to to admissions at Yale.

  • Yale has a 6.8% acceptance rate.

  • You know, if you're here and you meet the people here, maybe that acceptance rate seems like it's a lot higher.

  • U.

  • S news on World Report Harvard and Princeton are usually about pretty solid one into Yale.

  • Yale fluctuates between three and 15 or so I think, like depending depending on the years.

  • The blue light show you where the most serious crime happens.

  • Uh, they're all over campus all over new haven.

  • Really?

  • Hey, how's it going?

  • That's my That's my roommate.

  • Yale has a ton of terrific a cappella groups who got the Duke's Men of Yale the whiff in poofs tittle, me pinks, jiggly puce the feet off.

  • Oops!

  • The Gothic architect owns the pitch is Even if you don't like drinking, there's a lot you can do here.

  • We have terrific WiFi.

  • It's a lot of fun.

  • A lot of people criticized Yale for not being directly across the river from a big city like Boston.

  • But I would say, You know, Boston is three hours away.

  • It's almost like being there.

  • The biggest event of athletics here is, of course, the Yale Harvard football game.

  • Last year it was at Harvard.

  • We lost, unfortunately, your before that at Yale.

  • We also lost before that, lost here before that.

  • We're close, but also lost here before That was not close, lost and you before that loss.

  • But I'm not statistics major, but I'm going to say this is our year.

  • This is the end of our tour.

  • We don't accept any tips, but I will give you one.

  • Go to Harvard.

free ale tour by a really Yale student.


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