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  • hi guys welcome back to my channel today I am doing holiday makeup looks I wanted

  • to do it a little differently this year because last year I had lots of fun

  • creating it but we created it with the makeup artist Ashley hey that did an

  • amazing job but I thought it should maybe create it myself

  • or those girls that are out there like me that are not makeup artists and have

  • no idea what they're really doing so Oh max is crying I'll be right back okay

  • about connection I decided to do something a little different this year

  • and just to create three looks by myself or kind of the busy not-so Beauty savvy

  • girl because I know you guys are out there I'm never myself trying to figure

  • this beauty world right anyone else I put together three looks absolutely

  • excited to show you I'm gonna link all the products in the description box but

  • you guys can really just look at the colors if you have something similar in

  • your own makeup bag use that you don't have to use the same brands okay yay

  • happy holidays let's get do it I decided to do my base and eyebrows before I'm

  • also gonna like what I use for my foundation below

  • say something I'm giving up on you

  • and God said you guys I hope you enjoy these three looks something that is

  • still Atlantic to me which means minimalistic and then reinvent the red

  • lip a little bit and go for darker color so I hope you guys enjoyed it let me

  • know which one is your favorite look and thank you so much for watching

  • Happy Holidays

hi guys welcome back to my channel today I am doing holiday makeup looks I wanted


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3節日妝容|簡單教程 (3 Holiday Makeup Looks | Easy Tutorials)

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