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  • And yes if you are prone to procrastination then you're simply living a mere existence.

  • Procrastination is extremely debilitating condition which is only surpassed by the lack

  • of attention given to it. Learning how to avoid procrastination is not as hard as you

  • may think. In fact beating procrastination can be done in a few easy steps which will

  • leave you more confident and energetic.

  • Before learning how to avoid procrastination you need to understand why you're procrastinating

  • in the first place. Everyone has a different reason for procrastinating their work but

  • such reasons can be summed up thus:

  • 1. You do not like the pain that accompanies doing something which is unpleasant.

  • 2. You are intimidated by the entirety of the task at hand, and want to do something

  • small and easier. 3. You are prone to getting distracted and

  • are suffering from learning disability such as ADHD.

  • The one thing that is common for the three reasons is that all the people like to do

  • something that is pleasant and more comfortable than what they should be doing. However if

  • you are to learn how to avoid procrastination then you need to learn how to step outside

  • of your comfort zone and do things which might seem unpleasant at first. This really isn't

  • that hard if you just get down to doing it.

  • If you find yourself getting intimidated by the hugeness of the task that you must accomplish

  • then break it down into smaller tasks and accomplished first. One little secret that

  • most people do not realise is that the power to visualise is often a double-edged sword.

  • While it provides the person with the ability to see what he or she must accomplish, the

  • sheer size of this visualisation can often seem daunting and indeed intimidating. The

  • best way to deal with this is to visualise the end result only and then determine the

  • smallest thing that could be done to achieve the said end result.

  • Procrastination is something which is best left till tomorrow! The worst part about dealing

  • with procrastination is that it applies to itself. This means you can keep putting off

  • trying to get rid of it indefinitely.

  • If you are serious to beat procrastination, click the link below this video now.

And yes if you are prone to procrastination then you're simply living a mere existence.


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如何避免拖延症 (How To Avoid Procrastinating)

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