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  • It wasn't like it was just me and Floyd.

  • You got into it if my Children saw it, so you know, for an outsider.

  • And I know that 50 cent at that time was his friend.

  • Of course he's gonna train go to bat day, Luke, whatever it is that you could possibly do, you know, to help the situation.

  • But really, it just makes it worse.

  • You know, um, I've known Floyd for really long time and a lot longer than your decent has.

  • So, um, you know, to see things like that was hurtful, but not so so much for me, but just for my Children, because it becomes insensitive.

  • You know, it's very insensitive.

  • You know, my son had to run out to go get help and thank God that he made that decision at a really young age, because who knows how far could have escalated if he had not ran out.

  • So go get help and mean one little accident toss, bump head on the table.

  • There's so many accidents that happen that you may not mean to, you know, hurt somebody.

  • He might be trying to just shake him up in scare.

  • Um, something accidentally happens.

  • And now you've got a death on your hand.

  • Well, it's a professional fighter.

  • Yeah.

  • Believe special fighters like Arthur hands considered lethal way they are.

  • They are.

  • You don't know what?

  • I didn't testify against Floyd.

  • And that wasn't Floyd and I first, you know, dispute.

  • And it wasn't his first domestic dispute with just me.

  • So that's a history.

  • He has a history.

  • His father has a history of it.

  • No judgment on my site.

  • People go through things.

  • There's been times, and I even say it in my book.

  • I've hit his ass over the head with a Tonka trunk a few times, too.

  • Um, but, you know, just stuff happens, and we had to live this out publicly.

  • Our neighbors have had the cops called on them for having domestic disputes all the time.

  • But because we're in the public eye, we just have to, you know, deal with it while everybody watches what really triggered this this particular situation, like because, according to 50 you is because the house was dirty and sounds a bit weird to me.

  • Yeah, you know, um, well, I think first of all, if we want to address dirtiness.

  • I'm not a dirty person, obviously.

  • Um, but I do have three Children.

  • So if there's a certain amount of dust all over the place that my first priority is not to make sure that I'm running around picking up after my kids.

  • My first priority is that my Children are happy bed homework, son.

  • In there after school and my business is taken care of.

  • And then I come home and take care of the house of something's out of place.

  • That was a big huge, just 50 being 50 cent.

  • Um, and then as faras was another question.

  • What?

  • What wait?

  • Triggered, triggered.

  • And, uh, well, you know, he was seeing Date County, Miss Jackson, you know, he was going back and forth between the two of us.

  • And at that time, I felt like I'm approaching.

  • I'm around 30 years old.

  • I've waited a really long time and committed a lot of emotion and support to Floyd.

  • And if he's not going Thio step up and make that commitment to me that I'm not gonna wait around any longer.

  • I'm gonna date.

  • And when I decided to, I didn't blatantly just put it out there in his face.

  • But when he grabbed my cell phone and he saw a few text messages between me and C.

  • J.

  • Watson, he got upset.

  • And then it escalated from there.

  • But technically, you guys weren't together anymore.

  • So So we were just like, yeah, dipping and daven Did you end up pursuing your relationship with CJ after that?

  • Are you know, he was like, I couldn't even find him for a while.

  • He was so extremely frightened of Floyd.

  • I don't know if they ever had a conversation or not, but obviously he wasn't equipped to deal with.

  • You know that situation.

  • And who would want to deal with that drama?

  • It's not like I'm blaming him, you know, But I definitely probably will have to date somebody like Young Jeezy for a baby.

  • I don't know, a professional wrestler I didn't think you would like.

It wasn't like it was just me and Floyd.


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