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It's escapism and it's feel good on Dhe.
It's just being there in that moment, and it's, I don't know, it's just you can't explain it.
Can you Just what it's like being there in the moment.
Of course, everyone has their own favorite musical numbers is the one that you like to belle out in the shower one that you really make this smooth minute.
I just I've seen Dream goes twice.
I went to see it on the second night was on, and then I went to see it Three days later on and I keep seeing in.
I am changing and there is no way I can sing.
It is good.
I like to sing it when I'm on my own.
Yeah, Is that someone that has such a special resonance for it'sjust?
That key change?
I just love a key change, though it's just I do love it.
I thought the show was great.
I started out Doing is what I trained to do when I went to college, and then I'm going to TV and like, not Braxton.
They just went that way, and there has been a really nice circle to come back and now try, you know, give my hand and what I try I trained to do.
So it's exciting.
Most nervous about going into crazy for you.
It's a big, big shots.
Gershwin is not big show.
Obviously, I get nervous with everything I do.
I think that's part of what you do.
And I think that's a bit of nerves.
Always good.
But now I'm excited.
More than nervous.
I'm excited.
I'm excited to get back into training.
I'm excited to dance again, You know, all that kind of stuff.
And it's gonna be nice little changed TV for I'll take a little break talking about TV.
Do you think your experiences with life TV make you less nervous about being live on stage now?
I mean, I never get less nervous.
It never changes ever.
You don't ever get complacent.
You never get to a point where I was fine.
I could do this.
You always get that feeling on every single job.
It doesn't matter what you do.
You could be good about anything.
But you always going to get you know you're never gonna please everybody.
He just He can't have to get on with it.
You win some, you lose.
Some found we do because we love it now because anything else we keep doing it.


Caroline Flack Interview - Musical Theatre, Stagefright & Twitter Trolls

19 分類 收藏
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