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  • It's escapism and it's feel good on Dhe.

  • It's just being there in that moment, and it's, I don't know, it's just you can't explain it.

  • Can you Just what it's like being there in the moment.

  • Of course, everyone has their own favorite musical numbers is the one that you like to belle out in the shower one that you really make this smooth minute.

  • I just I've seen Dream goes twice.

  • I went to see it on the second night was on, and then I went to see it Three days later on and I keep seeing in.

  • I am changing and there is no way I can sing.

  • It is good.

  • I like to sing it when I'm on my own.

  • Yeah, Is that someone that has such a special resonance for it'sjust?

  • That key change?

  • I just love a key change, though it's just I do love it.

  • I thought the show was great.

  • I started out Doing is what I trained to do when I went to college, and then I'm going to TV and like, not Braxton.

  • They just went that way, and there has been a really nice circle to come back and now try, you know, give my hand and what I try I trained to do.

  • So it's exciting.

  • Most nervous about going into crazy for you.

  • It's a big, big shots.

  • Gershwin is not big show.

  • Obviously, I get nervous with everything I do.

  • I think that's part of what you do.

  • And I think that's a bit of nerves.

  • Always good.

  • But now I'm excited.

  • More than nervous.

  • I'm excited.

  • I'm excited to get back into training.

  • I'm excited to dance again, You know, all that kind of stuff.

  • And it's gonna be nice little changed TV for I'll take a little break talking about TV.

  • Do you think your experiences with life TV make you less nervous about being live on stage now?

  • I mean, I never get less nervous.

  • It never changes ever.

  • You don't ever get complacent.

  • You never get to a point where I was fine.

  • I could do this.

  • Now.

  • You always get that feeling on every single job.

  • It doesn't matter what you do.

  • You could be good about anything.

  • But you always going to get you know you're never gonna please everybody.

  • He just He can't have to get on with it.

  • really.

  • You win some, you lose.

  • Some found we do because we love it now because anything else we keep doing it.

It's escapism and it's feel good on Dhe.


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