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  • From the moment he entered the courtroom in Manhattan this morning, Harvey Weinstein would have known this could be his last day of freedom.

  • Do you regret your actions, Mr Weinstein?

  • Are you worried about the verdict?

  • And within two hours, the jury of seven men and five women declared this once all powerful media titan guilty on two charges of rape and sexual assault.

  • The second, more serious charge of assault in the first degree carries a maximum sentence of 25 years at the age of 67.

  • That means Harvey Weinstein could face the rest of his life behind bars.

  • This is the new landscape for survivors of sexual result in America, I believe, and this is a new day.

  • It's a new day because Harvey Weinstein has finally been held accountable for crimes he committed the women who came forward courageously and that great risk made that happen.

  • Weinstein is a vicious serial sexual predator who used his power to threaten rape, assault, trick, humiliate and silences victims.

  • This is a legal reckoning for Harvey Weinstein.

  • Three witnesses whom I represent have been role models encourage without them and their willingness to testify under oath in this case, and without their willingness to be subjected to an intense and brutal cross examination, this result would never have been one.

  • More than 80 women accused Weinstein of sexual assault and harassment.

  • He has reached a multi $1,000,000 settlement with many of them.

  • And because of the statute of limitations.

  • This trial has focused on the allegations of just two.

  • That he raped the actress Jessica Man in a hotel room in 2013 and that he assaulted a production assistant, Mimi Haley, by forcibly performing a sex act on her in his apartment in 2000 and six.

  • He was found guilty on both counts.

  • Harvey Weinstein pleaded not guilty to all charges and said the sex had bean consensual.

  • Today is their client was handcuffed and remanded in custody.

  • Mr.

  • Weinstein's lawyers were defiant.

  • That's yours.

  • I'm a bold man way.

  • While Harvey Weinstein was not convicted on the more serious charges of predatory sexual assault, this is a spectacular fall from grace for the once untouchable movie mogul.

  • On the day of reckoning to for the global me to movement, which was kick started by the storm of allegations against him that was jumping for joy, and I started to cry.

  • And of course I was having in my mind all of this moments where 2015 nothing was done and like it was just like going back to those moments and having that homestead Reno's full field, and it just gave me life again.

  • And while the judge told the jurors Weinsteins trial should not be a referendum on me, too, because he is seen as the central villain of the piece, his conviction today will doubtless feel like vindication for many.

  • Well, Harvey Weinstein is due to be sentenced on March the 11th.

  • And remember, too, that he faces four additional charges of sexual assault in L.

  • A hit the lawyer for the two women here today, Gloria Allred, saying that she looks forward to seeing him take the stand there, too.

  • Whatever happens there, though, there's no underplaying the significance of what has happened here today.

  • Harvey Weinstein, found guilty of rape and sexual assault, facing potentially the rest of his life in prison, vindication for the women who dared speak out against him on dhe for the hundreds, who then became part off the me to movement around the world today.

  • It was very much their day.

  • Thanks very much.

  • Jacki.

  • Well, later in the program, we'll hear from one of the many women who came forward alleging they've been abused or harassed by Harvey Weinstein.

  • And there are still many other alleged victims looking for justice, including some in this country.

  • Joining me now from Hampshire.

  • Susan McKee, who's a QC Her law practice, specializes in sexual harassment and misconduct.

  • She's advising some of the alleged victims here.

  • Susan McKee What do you make of the verdict today?

  • Well, on the one hand, it's Ah, well, it's certainly a vindication for a number of the women.

  • On the other hand, it's unfortunate that they didn't believe one of the witnesses says that the predatory rape conviction wasn't upheld.

  • That's it.

  • That is unfortunate.

  • But there is no doubt, as you say, that this is vindication for women women who had held onto their stories for such a long time for fear that they wouldn't be believed.

  • This is really important for those women today, isn't it?

  • No, that's absolutely right.

  • And for those that are considering civil actions, which is what I specialize in, it will certainly help them it'll help them believe that they may be thought to be credible in a court of law, and it make it in the strength to issue proceedings rather than just consider whether to do so with moment.

  • There is no doubt, though, that the court process will have been very bruising for those women.

  • Harvey Weinstein's defense lawyers constantly saying that these women knew what they were doing, that this was transactional sex in exchange for improving their careers.

  • It is a difficult process for these women to go through, isn't it?

  • It's extremely difficult.

  • If you fight it all the way to trial in a civil case, then you could be expected to be pretty much brutalized in cross examination.

  • It's made particularly difficult in some of the ones in cases because off our ongoing relationships after the alleged attacks and also going back to work with Weinstein and the number of cases that does make it tricky, and it does open the door.

  • We're certain sort of cross examination.

  • Some of the women who talked about those ongoing relationships explained that they felt they couldn't leave those relationships because he had such a grip on Hollywood on their lives.

  • Oh, absolutely.

  • I mean, I I have met people.

  • I'm advising one in particular who said she could not get work anywhere else within that industry, and I had felt she had no choice but to go back to work for him.

  • Otherwise she would stop.

  • She wouldn't be able to work.

  • We're in the kind of money anywhere near the kind of money she was running before and he had.

  • It's no doubt a tool, a grip on these women on dhe.

  • It is complicated.

  • It's like psychology of what you do after him.

  • After an incident like this is complicated, we can't judge very briefly.

  • Do anticipate, though, that today's verdicts may encourage more women to come forward.

  • I think that's absolutely right.

  • I do think that where there are complexities that relate to ongoing relationships that have to consider this verdict pretty carefully in deciding whether to come forward and civil actions, one would hope settlements make it easier for women in anticipation that they will not need to go to trial.

  • Weinstein had to fight this.

  • A civil cases is different.

  • Suzanne McKee.

  • Thanks very much for talking to us.

  • Thank you.

  • Thank you.

From the moment he entered the courtroom in Manhattan this morning, Harvey Weinstein would have known this could be his last day of freedom.


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哈維-韋恩斯坦被判犯有強姦和性侵犯罪。 (Harvey Weinstein found guilty of rape and sexual assault)

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