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  • -Well, guys, it's been crazy

  • getting ready to do this special subway show,

  • so I've fallen a bit behind with some personal stuff --

  • you know, like, checking my inbox, returning e-mails,

  • and of course, sending out thank-you notes.

  • And so, since I was running a bit behind,

  • I thought, if you guys wouldn't mind,

  • I'd just like to write out some thank-you notes right now.

  • Is that cool with you guys?

  • [ Cheers and applause ]

  • James? James, can I get some thank-you-note-writing music, please?

  • ♪♪

  • Oh, it's beautiful.

  • -Wow.

  • -[ Speaks indistinctly ]

  • -Normally, I wouldn't ask you to move, but could you move,

  • just so I could write my thank-you notes?

  • Sorry. There's a --

  • There's a wet seat over there that I was avoiding.

  • Oh, gosh.

  • ♪♪

  • "Thank you, accidentally falling asleep on the subway,

  • for being the reason why every New Yorker

  • has visited Coney Island at least once."

  • [ Laughter ]

  • It's so true, yeah.

  • "Thank you, Times Square mascots,

  • for always answering the question,

  • 'What if all the characters I grew up watching on TV

  • looked like I re-drew them from memory?'"

  • [ Laughter ]

  • It's kind of what Elmo looks like.

  • -Almost Elmo. -It's almost Elmo.

  • It's Almo. -Almo.

  • -Almo, yeah.

  • "Thank you, New York food carts,

  • for offering meatless hot dogs way before it was popular."

  • [ Laughter ]

  • "Thank you, New York City restaurant health grades.

  • 'A' if for 'Awesome.'

  • 'B' is for 'Better go somewhere else.'

  • And 'C' is for 'Call an ambulance.'"

  • [ Laughter ]

  • "Thank you, people who name their child 'Brooklyn,'

  • for paving the way for me to one day meet a 5-year-old

  • named 'Staten Island.'"

  • [ Laughter ]

  • -What's up?

  • -Come here, Staten.

  • -Staten?

  • Are you okay with him putting these cards --

  • I apologize. I'm sorry.

  • If you need me to say the joke twice,

  • I'll say it twice just for you.

  • Okay. Perfect.

  • "Thank you, Empire State Building,

  • for being everyone's favorite place

  • to watch King Kong pole dance."

  • [ Laughter ]

  • Thank you very much. Those are our thank-you notes, everybody.

-Well, guys, it's been crazy


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謝謝你的留言。時代廣場吉祥物,帝國大廈 (Thank You Notes: Times Square Mascots, Empire State Building)

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