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  • I'm like this a lot.

  • And then I tried and I'm and then I'm like, All right, I'm not gonna smile for the rest of the day on.

  • I'm like, try and keep my face is Lily for your surprise showcase.

  • Please show us your laughter for specific scenarios.

  • It takes a lot to make me laugh out loud.

  • I won't laugh out loud when I'm alone as much as I would when I'm with other people.

  • But I'll still do it if something like that South Park really makes me laugh, okay?

  • It's probably just like this, like it doesn't even.

  • It's like a smile that turns into a lab.

  • Yeah, okay.

  • It's like it goes something like this.

  • Thank you.

  • This happens often to me.

  • I feel like I just go.

  • I guess that would be it.

  • That's what that is.

  • Well, it's probably more like eye contact.

  • It's like this.

  • This is like when you do conventions and take photos for two hours and you're like this after a while.

  • Oh my God, it hurts.

  • Oh, God, A tramp and laugh.

  • I don't think it's It's more like, uh okay, Yeah, we're good.

  • We did it.

  • It's in the breath.

  • It's usually probably like No, it's not like that.

  • I would laugh a lot because it's out of, like, nervousness, usually for talk shows.

  • I talk shows make me really nervous.

  • So it's usually like a usually worrying is like thinking, Oh, are people seeing up my skirt or like, how?

  • How do I look right now?

  • So I'm, like, very aware of my face.

  • I'm like, um uh, you have to feel like I have to turn to the side For some reason.

  • No, that definitely wasn't it.

  • Oh, but, um, but I think it would be like, Yes, that's the hardest one to do on command, like I have a cackle and often times my laugh sounds like the Pillsbury Doughboy.

  • Like when you're tickling him and he's like Like, That's like when I'm like, really laughing.

  • I'm like, Oh, here comes the dough boy, it's me laughing.

  • I feel like my buddy Casey caught who's on Riverdale with me.

  • He always makes me laugh.

  • His reaction's really cracked me up, so he always he always makes me laugh.

  • Yeah, it's hard to laugh on command.

  • I remember when I had to do a TR for, like, one of the first movies I ever did.

  • They were like, Okay, now we just need you to give a couple laughs, like to fill in some background background noise.

  • And I was like, Oh, my, I was like, Okay.

  • And I get going, like, over and over again, and I couldn't make it sound any better.

  • And it was, like, really humiliating because I knew it sounded so stupid.

  • So for, like, two minutes, I was just going, I think I couldn't do its own terrible.

  • So laughing on command has been a source of riel pain and sorrow for me.

  • But you've helped me overcome that, so think.

I'm like this a lot.


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