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  • ready.

  • We're back to channel money was Melissa.

  • And today I'm gonna be reviewing this'll shar figure.

  • Um, I absolutely love this figure.

  • I think it's amazing.

  • I think it's totally worth price and you'll be seeing in a couple seconds why?

  • This is absolutely amazing.

  • I've always wanted a sharp figure.

  • However, there hasn't been really any good ones on the market outside from like the small gosh upon one's and the bam passed bam presto prize ones, which they're okay, but actually want a legit theory.

  • All right, everybody.

  • So this is how he comes with out of the box for accessories.

  • He's got another set of arms, another head and a giant rock thing.

  • Whatever this is, let me put it together for you guys.

  • He's got two pegs on this foot one peg on this foot and they just slide right in here.

  • I didn't see he's got very details on very well done.

  • His helmet has a metallic paint job.

  • So do his little side guards.

  • The emblem on the chest is all metallic gold.

  • Um, he's got gold details on his collar, all the shade work.

  • They did a really great job.

  • The clothing looks like it has movement to it.

  • Doesn't look like a stiff is Looked stiff they shaded in his gloves and his boots.

  • The cape really doesn't have any shade Work to it if you can see just one solid piece of color, but still looks great.

  • Nonetheless, his clothing has about three different colors.

  • From what I can see, the all the shade work he has on him, he's a little on the pricey side.

  • I think he retails for, like 95 9500 yen.

  • Um, I said about $100 on the pre order and having him trip to me.

  • Now, let me change out into Hiss.

  • Second set two, This lies right on off this head comes off and I believe I think this piece can come off a CZ.

  • Well, yeah, He's got two pigs right in there.

  • This farm will come off.

  • You could get a better look at his back.

  • He's pretty ripped.

  • Doesn't want to know what this is right here.

  • I call it his chopstick.

  • I'm not sure what that is.

  • If the baton or some kind of theme.

  • No clue.

  • So if you guys won't let me, don't know down in the comments below what that is because I've always wondered.

  • So the arm slides right in there.

  • His cape slides right back on.

  • Got Butterfingers.

  • This head goes right in there.

  • Unl ass tely.

  • There goes his helmet and that is him with the alternative arm and head.

  • So, like I said previously, I think he's actually worth the price tag.

  • I think if you are a diehard Z on fan, you should totally pick him up.

  • Um, I know I've seen a fluctuating around on eBay.

  • Amazon friends in general live in Japan.

  • Your Dobashi department store is still carrying him.

  • When we do a size comparison to you can see, here's the Master grade two point.

  • Oh, Saku.

  • So he's a fairly tall.

  • He's definitely not small by any means.

  • So that's that.

  • I think he's definitely worth it highly.

  • So just to pick him up, especially if you're sharp and there are other sharp figures.

  • But unfortunately they're nowhere near how awesomeness figuring is.

  • There's some off the prize shar figures, which you can see them on eBay.

  • I think they go between 50 to $60.

  • I wouldn't even bother wasting my money on that.

  • I would just save up and buy this guy because he's totally worth it.

  • The other one's.

  • That's why I haven't even picked them up yet because I was just rather, save and buy this figure instead.

  • Okay, guys.

  • So that's it for my review.

  • I hope that helped you guys decide whether or not you want to pick him up.

  • Um, I think that you should definitely.

  • I think he's worth it.

  • Even though he's a little on the expensive side, I think he's definitely worth the price tied.

  • The shade work is amazing.

  • The proportions are spot on the just a shape.

  • Just the coloring on the metallic pieces is amazing as well.

  • Everything about him is perfect, in my opinion, and that justifies the $100 price tag for me.

  • So if you're ready, die hard.



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