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  • Disney Fails Falls and bloopers Heart six.

  • Our first blooper is from Disneyland Paris.

  • The next one is from Fantasmic at Walt Disney World. 00:00:37.370 --> 00:01:0.110 The screen in the top left corner will show you what should actually knocks a kid down at Disneyland in California.

  • Chip months air back again with a blooper from Tokyo.

  • DisneySea way thathe dopey incident from Fantasmic at Disney World.

  • But we found a new video that shows more of the aftermath of what happened after the fall.

  • This'll next fall is from the Chef Niki restaurant at Walt Disney World, and now it's time for the Disney on Ice Fall segment. 00:03:0.020 --> 00:03:14.050 Elsa takes a fall during Mickey's Royal Friendship Fair at the Magic Kingdom way.

  • Thank you.

  • This next one is from the old A lot of musicals at Disney's California Adventure. 00:03:41.540 --> 00:04:9.730 What I think the show's over Nikki trips at Tokyo Disneyland.

  • Thing is, what happens when Jesse doesn't want to go backstage at Disneyland Pears? 00:04:45.740 --> 00:05:6.100 Oh, here's one from Disney Hollywood studios in Florida lost her drawers again. 00:05:9.330 --> 00:05:22.750 Yeah, here's one from the Festival of Fantasy Parade at Magic Kingdom.

  • This'll one here is from Tokyo Disneyland, and the video on the top left corner shows you what should actually have. 00:06:4.090 --> 00:06:6.900 If you have a video or fail, you like to share with us. 00:06:7.030 --> 00:06:9.230 Follow the link in the description below. 00:06:9.370 --> 00:06:17.590 Thanks so much for watching Click the TPM icon on the screen to subscribe to this channel and check out some of these other videos, which we're sure you'll like.

Disney Fails Falls and bloopers Heart six.


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