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Sometimes you gotta cut.
Don't be that my father.
Realistically, I'm just sitting back back to the crib.
Gotta power KK pack combs.
Just doing what I do Change smoking weed and living Hoppe Supposed to be the police Don't say shit When they approached me different days, Different custom doing shit the web supposed to fly private away from coach was a player not coach on a melon Trying gross roll a pound and flow more rounded toes Every day we phone gets no matter how much we smoke Never miss Got the biggest pissed get caught Never flip charges Get dismissed with sandwich Since I jumped off in this business Shit Nothing personal Must front got what this business is I keep hustling That won't stop until my clique in Rich won't do shit You bury yourself I'll let you dig that dish You were hustling, motherfucker New crib for my son and ap from my brother and a splendid girls Go get enough of it earned my respect And I keep telling you that I'm fucking rich My respected Just get jealous because I fucked his bitch on my respects A winding cutting my house They don't take pigs.
I'm killing the competition.
They still got my permission.
I'm going to make my decision.
I'm holding down my positions.


Wiz Khalifa - Ain't Shit Changed

18 分類 收藏
林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 3 月 10 日
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