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  • Heimdall, my friend! How is my lady of earth? How doth she?


  • She fares reaaaally well. Mmmmhmmmm.

    她過得還不錯 嗯…

  • Good! She bathes as we speak. That is good.

    那就好啊! 我們在說話的同時她在洗澡 那很好!

  • Wait. She's what? I can see everything, man, and it is AMAZING!

    等等。他在幹嘛? 我可以看到任何事物,很棒的

  • Stop creeping on my lady friend, dude!

    不要偷窺我的女朋友 老兄!

  • Raaaaawr!

    啊! (重擊)

  • ruggh! (thud) huh?


  • Loki! I'm dead, my brother. No!

    洛基! 我要死了 我的哥哥 不

  • Everything we've been through together has led to this swift and unexpected ending....


  • Good bye breeaaaaeeeelh! NOoooooooooooooOOOOOOOOooooooo!

    再見 不!

  • Okay. Let's leave his body here, and get back to the situation at hand.

    好吧 我們把他的屍體留在這然後開始處理手邊的情況

  • Are you sure he's dead? He did just make it look like your hand was cut off.


  • And he is evil. He is dead, my love...

    他很邪惡耶 他死了,親愛的

  • See?


  • Yeah, I'm not buying it. Here. OOOUUUWWWWW!

    是哦,我才不信哩 接招! 阿~!

  • (cough) Really?! Okay you caught me all right! I'm not dead!


  • Geez! Right in the berries!


  • So they completely ruined my plan.


  • Ugh! Awe no way! Heroes are so annoying. I know right!

    呃!沒辦法!英雄真的很煩 我知道阿

  • Especially when they happen to be your perfect brother. So then what'd you do?

    尤其是他還是你那完美的哥哥 所以你接下來要怎麼做?

  • I had to help Thor fight that stupid elf, and then return to my cell in Asgard.


  • Oh that's Terrible! I know! I really thought I had it all in the bag too.

    天啊 太糟了! 我知道啊!我覺得我一輩子都要困在裡面了

  • I was going to fool everyone, take Odin's throne as my own...


  • Everyone would have been like sayeth whaaaat?!


  • Where's Odin?! That's so evil! I always liked Odin.

    Odin在哪?!太邪惡了 我喜歡Odin

  • pshh! You would. So how did you escape?

    呸! 最後是齁 那你是怎麼逃?

  • Magic. Duh. I love magic tricks. You want to see this pencil disappear?

    魔法阿,廢話?! 我喜歡小把戲 你想看鉛筆變不見嗎?

  • Hey, Loki! Thanks for hogging my spotlight you jerk!

    嘿 洛基!你搶走我的鎂光燈 渾球!

  • Hey why don't you try to steal some magic gas that no one cares about Malekith? Oooooooo

    嘿,你為何不要偷些魔法汽油,沒人在乎Malekith? 哦!

  • I'm totes going to control the darkness and rule the universe!


  • You were foiled by two human scientist and two brainless interns carrying nothing but tripods!


  • So!


  • So good day! Hmmph!


  • Amateur! Noob thinks because he has an army he's automatically the next big thing.

    哼! 外行人 因為他有軍隊所以很自然地會被盯上

  • Well, Loki did kind of pull focus. Well wouldn't you?

    好吧,洛基有注意到你 你不也是吧?

  • Absolutely! You know what I would've done?


  • I would've said, you wanna now how I got these scars?


  • And? And then I'd blow something up I don't know! I kinda like to keep people guessing!

    然後? 然後我就炸毀東西, 我不知道啦 我想讓大家猜猜

  • This sucks! Who knows how long it'll take me to have Odin's throne now!


  • You know what's funny? If you'd have just been a good child...


  • Odin probably would have just handed you the throne.


  • You know? Since Thor doesn't want it. Yes. Thank you for that reminder, General.

    你知道嗎?索爾不想當王 多謝你的提醒齁,上校

  • You know what else is funny? What's that?

    你知還有什麼好笑的嗎? 是什麼?

  • If you had just colonized Mars you could have saved your entire race.


  • (Gasp) Ooohoooheehohehehe! You're blowin my mind, Lok!

    倒抽一口氣! 你惹到我了,洛基!

  • I like this place


  • What is it called by the way?


  • Hmm.


  • You guys stood me up, didn't you!


  • (snickering)


Heimdall, my friend! How is my lady of earth? How doth she?



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