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  • So you are a writer or you are a copywriter and you asking, Well, what is the best way for you to charge for?

  • Your service is and currently seems to me that you're charging forward.

  • Personally, I do not like the concept of charging forward because, first of all, the relationship between you and decline, it's a conflict of interest because as a writer, if you're charging forward, what do you want to do?

  • You know, write as many words as possible, because that means you make more money from the client's perspective.

  • Client wants you to be effective, that you write just enough words to get the job done.

  • Maybe it's content, maybe sales copy.

  • Now one of the companies that I own that I am a CEO off is copywriters dot com.

  • Now I'm speaking from experience.

  • How do we charge at copywriters dot com?

  • Right.

  • Mainly we wanna charge per project not so much per gig.

  • So yes, you could go to cooperate is dot com, and you could hire us and to write one article one letting Paige or one email for you and most of the time, those type of clients we take on those type of gig simply to demonstrate our expertise to show what we could do, what our writers could do from there.

  • What will you want to do in what you want to do?

  • I don't care if your competitors or not was a copywriter that you want a bundle.

  • Your service is so instead of selling one off you're selling a bundle of service is such as 10 Emails 2030 in both at a time, versus one email at a time.

  • So for Project Bottle service is, that's a great way to charge, because you are increasing the transaction sides and also knowing us a writer as a copywriter, your learning curve.

  • What takes you the most amount of time is in the beginning when you're working with a client, learning about the offer's learning about the business, learning about the market.

  • If you're doing that, just do one off one article.

  • It's not very smart, right?

  • Isn't it better to do it?

  • But then you do a bunch of them that you give it to the client and the client doesn't have to worry about it, and you don't have to worry about it, and you get one, just one or two clients that is worth way more or even better yet after that one big bundle service that you're charging now you could switch to what I call a retainer model.

  • That's where you want to get to.

  • You're not gonna get a hell of a night.

  • But that's what you want to get, too, if you're good, which is what I'll teach all my students to do.

  • All the cooperators.

  • That train you tried to retain a model meaning that you are charging X amount of dollars per month to provide X amount of service, is so, let's say, for 30 e mails your charts x $1.

  • In this case, I'm just gonna say $3000 to keep it simple.

  • $100.

  • You know that's good.

  • Instead of just doing that $3000.30 emails a month.

  • What if you could charge $2500?

  • Give him a little break $2500.

  • But then you're signing a six month deal, right?

  • So is $2500 for six months.

  • That is a much better way to charge within you agree?

  • Then just charging forward or charging for Paige.

  • No Bono service or a retainer.

  • That's what I would recommend.

  • Now, if you want to become a high income copywriter and if you want to know how to precision yourself in a way and how to package your surfaces in such a way that you could command top dollars, make sure you click on the link below and check on my free master class.

  • I've trained hundreds and hundreds of students on how to do this.

  • How to become a high income copywriter, so make sure you check that out.

So you are a writer or you are a copywriter and you asking, Well, what is the best way for you to charge for?


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