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  • It's part of one of our interview with super producer David Hentschel.

  • I'm John Boden from Rock History Music.

  • Well, with all the hoopla around Genesis, we thought it be appropriate to start our part.

  • One with super producer David Henschel, of course, produced multiple albums for Genesis.

  • The Phil Collins years, even though he had been involved with the band before.

  • Phil was lead singer, the guy who had tried in studio produced some amazing albums and a host of other artist that we're gonna talk about in this series.

  • But since it's sort of a Genesis Day today, let's talk about his beginnings with that band.

  • I'd heard that the story that Phil decided to do squawk and then then it turned out so good that he decided to do the rest.

  • Who decided that Phil was going to do the rest of the album?

  • Um, it was decided very quickly.

  • Way you've got to remember that girl's names now, but we have being there.

  • Two guys come in, which started recording all the backing tracks, which is a real known if you're producing the record.

  • Actually, you don't do that until it's certainly know what key that got what we got, the vocalist ranges.

  • Then he changed the key to the songs to see.

  • But I'm in Genesis never did any, but that's why they had.

  • A lot of them were always very high filling that Peter was stretching the names because that that's a lot of them were in the wrong keys, actually.

  • But anyway, we had two guys come in on one guy was really good.

  • It was just it.

  • It wasn't his kid couldn't reach the notes.

  • It's simple as that.

  • So feels it, you know, I need feel at known.

  • Phil kept up with Phil socially since nursery rhyme.

  • We could become really good friends, and I knew he was it to have a go try out that you read a lot about him needing to be persuaded.

  • He didn't need persuading at all.

  • He really, really wanted to do it, but he didn't want to put himself to the others.

  • He didn't want to be seen as being too pushy, but inside he really wanted to do it.

  • Hey sense.

  • Well, could that Mr Site perfect people can't realized he had sung a lot a lot on the previous albums on people didn't actually know that wasn't a Peter.

  • A lot of the time because there is There is a similarity in their voices, actually pretty in those higher ranges on dhe.

  • So it wasn't difficult for the public to relate to it because it sounded pretty seamless.

  • And he he obviously understood a little the music because it be in the van for a while on DDE had been performing, didn't it?

  • Seeing you on stage now, the difficult thing for him was it?

  • Well, it could be a drummer as well.

  • That's the difficult thing.

  • And then, you know, that's why Chester came in.

  • What was he a reaction with the other guys when it when squawk was when they were sitting down and listening to squawk with him singing?

  • I mean, were they all really happy?

  • I mean, really happy and ecstatic Isn't something that goes along with this Nice.

  • There are very they won't get crazy about stuff.

  • It'll you know.

  • Yeah.

  • Yeah, I think it's working.

  • And I think I wear this.

  • I remember listening to the outgoing.

  • Yeah, this works.

  • We'll have more of our conversation with great David Henschel.

  • It was a long interview.

  • I think I talked to David for an hour and 1/2 so we're going to cover a lot of ground with this.

  • Some of you have been asking, Why don't you release the entire interview?

  • One piece, It just doesn't work because they're dropout rate.

  • A lot of the times is like three minutes, five minutes, and I know some of you say, Well, other people release long form videos.

  • They do well, I don't like to do it that way.

  • I like to chop him up.

  • But here's the good news.

  • We're going to create a members section for this YouTube channel where, basically, you'll have access to the entire interview.

  • But that'll cost you money.

  • Not a lot, because that will be fairly affordable.

  • But we're also going to start a podcast where you'll be able to hear the entire interviews.

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  • As we say in all our videos were hiring students to basically edit our interview.

  • So we get them to you a lot sooner cause we're way behind right now.

  • More from David Ensor coming up next week.

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  • I'm John Boden.

  • This is Rocky Stream music.

It's part of one of our interview with super producer David Hentschel.


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