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  • [Wuertz] Now what? You need someone to shake it for ya?

  • [Two-Face] Hello.

  • [Wuertz] Dent?

  • Jesus...

  • I-I thought you was dead.

  • [Two-Face] Half. I-I thought you was dead.

  • Who picked up Rachel, Wuertz?

  • [Wuertz] It...must've been Maroni's men.

  • [Two-Face] SHUT UP!!

  • Are you telling me that you're gonna protect the other trader in Gordon's unit?

  • [Wuertz] I don't know! He never told me!

  • Listen, Dent. I-I swear to God I didn't know what they were gonna do to you.

  • [Two-Face] That's funny;

  • 'cause I don't know what's gonna happen to you either.

  • [gunshot]

  • [Batman] Beautiful,

  • isn't it?

  • [Fox] Beautiful.

  • Unethical.

  • Dangerous.

  • You've turned every cellphone in Gotham into a microphone.

  • [Batman] And a high frequency generator receiver.

  • [Fox] You took my sonar concept and applied it to every phone in the city.

  • With half the city feeding you sonar, you can image all of Gotham.

  • This is wrong.

  • [Batman] I've gotta find this man, Lucius.

  • [Fox] At what cost?

  • [Batman] The database is null-key encrypted.

  • It can only be accessed by one person.

  • [Fox] This is too much power for one person.

  • [Batman] That's why I gave it to you.

  • Only you can use it.

  • [Fox] Spying on 30 million people isn't part of my job description.

  • [Batman] This is an audio sample.

  • If he talks within range of any phone in the city, [audio sample of Joker's voice plays]

  • you can triangulate his position. [audio sample of Joker's voice plays]

  • [audio sample of Joker's voice plays]

  • [Fox] I'll help you this one time,

  • but consider this my resignation.

  • As long as this machine is at Wayne Enterprises,

  • I won't be.

  • [Batman] When you're finished...

  • type in your name.

  • [heroic music]

  • [Gordon] All my officers have loomed over every inch of the tunnels and bridges, but with the Joker's threat,

  • none other option.

  • [Mayor] And 'Lambert's East'?

  • [Gordon] I've backed up for hours, [Mayor] And 'Lambert's East'?

  • which leaves the ferries with 30,000 ready to board.

  • Plus, I wanna use the ferries--

[Wuertz] Now what? You need someone to shake it for ya?


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雙面人在酒吧|黑暗騎士 [4k, HDR, IMAX]. (Two-Face in the bar | The Dark Knight [4k, HDR, IMAX])

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