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You may have heard about a new virus that’s causing respiratory illness in China, and
now in a few other countries as well, including the United States.
But, we have had no cases in California.
I’m Dr. Sonia Angell director of the California Dept of Public health and State Public Health
Based on current information, the immediate health risk to the general public in California
is low.
Still, we consider this a serious public health concern.
We’re carefully monitoring this new virus.
We’re actively working with the CDC, with local governments and health care providers
across the state to protect your health.
The novel coronavirus appears to have originated at a public market in Wuhan China, where it
transferred from animal to human.
Now there is evidence that it is can spread from person to person.
China is reporting a few hundred cases and some deaths.
The coronavirus causes respiratory symptoms similar to the flu.
Like the flu, the symptoms can be mild, but sometimes are severe.
Runny nose, headache, cough, sore throat, fever and shortness of breath.
Passengers arriving from Wuhan China are being screened at both San Francisco International
and Los Angeles International Airports.
If you have recently traveled to Wuhan China and become ill with fever, cough or shortness
of breath, immediately contact your health care provider immediately or local health
Please be sure to tell your health care provider about your travel history.
The California Department of Public Health is working with local health departments and
health care providers to help them evaluate ill people who have been to China… and report
suspected cases.
While we have had no cases yet, it is likely we will see some and we are ready.
We have updated the California Department of Public Health website to provide you the
latest information about the coronavirus and answers to common questions.
Go to cdph.ca.gov
And The Centers for Disease Control has updated its travel health notice for people who may
be traveling to Wuhan China.
To prevent the spread of any virus, it is always a good idea to wash our hands and cover
our mouths when we sneeze.
Working together, we can have a healthier California.


Novel Coronavirus 2020

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