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  • Hi i'm Daniel Sturridge Hi i'm Daniel Sturridge

  • What are you talking about?

  • No because every time I'm out bro I might as well be Daniel Sturridge

  • Yeah real talk though, it's mad. And this is Roommates

  • How old is Raheem? 21, 22 or's 22 as you can see from how he's acting in the background!

  • Obviously the correct answer, know my information, you knowhow it goes baby

  • Spiders, heights or the dark

  • Bants aside, I think it might be the dark though

  • For banter I went for the dark, obviously, it's probably

  • gonna be spiders init. Heights? Yeah bro, I'm 5"7, I'm close to the ground

  • You're 5"6! 5"7 and a half actually

  • When I go high up, yeah I don't really like it

  • 50 Cent, Vybz Kartel or Dizzy Rascal?

  • I'm gonna go at Vybz Kartel straight up

  • I said Vybz Kartel! Come on! Alright cool

  • Stealing Raheem's style, singing too much, wearing too much after shave...oh shoot

  • Could be any of them because he'd probably say I steal his style for bants

  • He sings too much, as you can see

  • He's not serious! He can't be serious I'm gonna go with wearing too much after shave because I wear a lot

  • Yeah but like this guy's after shave, you can smell that after he's played a game

  • if he's sweating he's still smelling sweet bruv, it's crazy. Why smell sweet?

  • Got rice and peas and oxtail, curried goat, or seafood paella

  • I've got to go with the oxtail...wait

  • Did he say he eats... I can't remember if he eats oxtail you know

  • I'm going to go with curried goat...actually no, oxtail!

  • Luther, Viking or House of Cards...Luther

  • I had to go for Luther straight away, I know it's correct

  • Nicolas Anelka, Thierry Henry or Ronaldo

  • I'm gonna go Ronaldo. I'm going for R9

  • Cadbury Athletics, Hockley Boys, Ardem Forest

  • I'm gonna go Hockley Boys

  • Because yeah that sounds familiar to me and I think he's mentioned that before

  • oh don't tell me I got it wrong, I went for Hockey Boys

  • I don't even know if they're a team, who are the Hockey Boys?!

  • Bro I'm from Hockley originally but I've never heard of the Hockley Boys

  • Pace, shooting dribbling...yeah I'm gonna go

  • pace or shooting, but I'm gonna go for pace

  • I went for pace

  • I'm a finisher out here bro! I know that but you're rapid as well

  • What's your shooting? I don't even know, I don't play FIFA anymore. I've retired the pad

  • If you don't know, how can you say shooting? I was told

  • His shooting's 82?! So what's his pace?!

  • Pfft! That's fake! 79?! Don't disrespect my pace like that bro

  • His pace is 76?! Daniel's in the 90's bruv Honestly...

  • You're basically saying he's slow then I'm one of the fastest strikers in the Prem

  • If not the fastest

  • To put 76 down's a disrespect to my credibility, my integrity, my name

  • I'm not having that That's disrespectful though!

  • Whoever works at FIFA they need firing, seriously

  • Nike Air Force Ones, Nike Air Max 90, Nike Presto

  • I haven't seen him in Presto's before... I'm gonna go Air Force Ones

  • I went for Nike Air Force Ones

  • I told them about these questions though! That's his favourite now

  • Back then it was the it was the Air Max, not the 90s though

  • Not the 90s? But what about the 90s or the Air Force Ones? I'll go Air Force

  • Ah see! So I got 3? Come on!

  • No but seriously back to that FIFA thing though, are they serious?

Hi i'm Daniel Sturridge Hi i'm Daniel Sturridge


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斯圖裡奇發現自己的FIFA速度是76!| 斯圖裡奇和斯特林 - 室友 (Sturridge Finds Out His FIFA Pace is 76! | Sturridge and Sterling | Roommates)

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