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  • How to Boost Your Immune System. Learn how to make your body resistant to germs and disease


  • so you can live a longer, healthier life. You will need daily moderate exercise, something


  • to laugh about, optimism, lots of friends, a healthy diet, seven to nine hours of sleep


  • per night, optional a bridge group. Step 1. Get moving: Just 30 minutes a day of moderate

    的睡眠,可以選擇組個橋牌團。第一步:動起來吧:一天 30 分鐘的適當

  • exercise will do. You can even split it into three 10-minute bursts of activity. Step 2.

    運動。你當然也可以分成 3 次 10 分的激烈運動。第二步:

  • Find something to laugh about every dayeven force it if you have to. Real or fake,


  • laughter strengthens your immune system by increasing good-for-you hormones and reducing stress ones;


  • lowering your blood pressure; and slowing your resting heart rate. Step 3. Train yourself


  • to look at the bright side. Optimistic people were two and a half times less likely to develop


  • cancer of any kind than their pessimistic peers, according to one study. Step 4. Make


  • time for the friends you have and cultivate new ones. A study found that seniors with


  • a lot of pals were 22 percent less likely than their less social counterparts to die


  • during the decade when they participated in the study. Start a bridge group. Research

    長者們死亡機率可能低於百分之 22。所以找一群橋牌友吧。研究

  • shows that bridge boosts the body's defense against infections and illness. Step 5. Eat


  • a healthy diet: at least five servings of fruits and vegetables a day focusing on the


  • antioxidant powerhouses; complex carbs, fatty fish, and a few cups of green tea at least


  • two times a week; a daily handful of nuts; no more than one glass of alcohol per day;


  • and a limited amount of meat and sweets. Eat more mushrooms during cold and flu season:


  • Research shows that when a virus is present, mushrooms may rally the immune system to fight


  • them. Step 6. Get at least seven hours of sleep every night, more if you can. Did you


  • know, the first scientists to prove that the body defends itself against disease through

    在 1908 年的諾貝爾獎,首批有科學家們證實,人們只要有足夠的睡眠,

  • the immune system shared the Nobel Prize in 1908.


How to Boost Your Immune System. Learn how to make your body resistant to germs and disease



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如何提高你的免疫系統 (How to Boost Your Immune System)

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