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Russian red is my favorite red lip color of my lipsticks.
So I'm gonna show the makeup look,
how do I make up with this shade。
Aka Classic Red lip Makeup.
Starting of The Primer,
I'm going to apply it to the center on my face.
Today's base makeup look would be very healthy and natural
So I pick up these products because It leaves the skin feeling soft with a subtle healthy glow.
Next with midtone concealer.
I'm gonna cover my under eyes and around my lips to make my skin tone look even.
Then I'm gonna move on to the foundation.
As you guys mentioned a lot, this foundation shade matches with my skin tone perfectly.
Currently I cannot use any other foundation so I'm gonna use this again.
Before eye shadow I'm gonna cover all my lids with the eye shadow primer.
Move on to the eye shadow. Today I'm gonna use the white shade for my eye makeup.
So I'm gonna apply this light brown shade on my lids.
First I'm going to brush my lashes before curling my lashes.
I'm gonna skip to apply Mascara so I would take more time to curl my lashes to get more detail.
After heating my eyelash color and I just curled my lashes.
And then I tightlined with a brown eyeliner.
To get more details I will fill in the beginning of the upper lash lines.
Before doing my eyebrows I just powder my eyebrows and brush them.
With a wee tone brown shade I just fill in my eyebrows.
Before contour my face I would like to apply a lipstick first.
Because I want to see how much the amount of product should I put for natural look.
Starting off the bottom of my lips, I followed the natural lines of my lips.
And then I'm going to create a V with a flat side of the
lipstick to define my cupid bows and
then connect with the end of the lip lines.
Sometimes their lines get a bit wonky somewhere, so I can quickly clean that up with
cotton bud which I applied foundation.
I'm going to use a lip brush to make perimeter of where I apply the lipstick clear.
With a Bronzer from Benefit I'm going to contour the outer of my face.
But I use smaller amount on my face than usual to balance between my face and simple eye makeup.
To contour a small part of my face I'm going to use this ash brown shade.
With brush from Mac I contour my nose in these.
To add more details I use a smaller brush and contour the bottom of my nose and inner corner.
To make my lips look bigger, I contour the under my lips.
Next I just use left over to contour the lower lash lines as well.
I'm going to highlight the center of my face with a light shade foundation.
With a pink cold highlighter, I applied to my cheekbones to get natural glow on my face.
So here's my complete look which I use Russian red shade by Mac.
I hope you guys enjoy this makeup look and see you next video soon.


Haley Kim 自然紅唇妝 (Russian red look | Haley Kim)

121 分類 收藏
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