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In the wwe, contracts are sort of kept secret to a certain extent
In other sports such as the NFL, NBA, MLB, and others...all of the contract details often
turn out to be public information
You'll hear that this player just signed a 100 million dollar contract for 5 years
and another player signed a 10 million dollar contract
All of the contract information always comes out about those players' deals
But In the wwe, the contracts are kept more confidential and especially since wwe superstars
are considered “independent contractors”, not much info is ever released about their
Just recently though, wwe has started to announce when a superstar signs a new contract extension
This is something that we never really heard about in years past, but it's starting to
become a regular thing now
Randy Orton, whose contract was set to expire in early 2020, was able to reach an agreement
with the wwe for a multi year extension and wwe released the information on the signing
to the public
Wwe also announced more contract extensions on wwe backstage, where they announced that
both paige and the Miz had signed new contracts
But another thing that is also missing is the amount of money in the contract, that
information also isn't released and we just have to go by rumors and estimates on how
much a superstar is getting paid
For example the lower card superstars will probably be paid well under 100k
While the mid card superstars will be paid some where above that 100k Mark
Then you have your top tier superstars such as Brock Lesnar, who's estimated to make
multiple millions of dollars a year in the wwe
This all brings us to one top tier superstar's contract that is extremely close to expiring
This superstar is obviously Becky Lynch
Wwe has been locking down a lot of superstars to multi year extensions, but one superstar
that remains in a limbo state is Becky Lynch
Becky Lynch's popularity has been at an all time high over the past few years
From wining multiple titles, to becoming a fan favorite, to main eventing Wrestlemania...is
safe to assume that Becky Lynch has inserted herself into that top tier class of superstars
However, throughout all of her success, Becky has not signed any extension at all in recent
She's still working on an old contract and it's set to be expiring in the very near
Now once again, information on wwe contracts are not public information so no one has an
exact end date of Becky's current contract, but the overall belief is that it could be
sometime in 2020
Now reports back in mid 2019 claimed that Becky was offered a new contract extension
but for whatever reason, nothing was officially agreed on
Now Becky has started to comment quite often on her contract status, but let it be noted
that it seems Becky is also using her contract status in her story line and character as
Perfect example of this being done in the past was with 2011 CM Punk
Punk's contract was set to legitimately expire in summer of 2011 and there was a point
where punk actually had no intention to resign with the company
But he did end up signing a new contract and wwe used his expiring contract status as a
story line during his feud with John Cena
It also made for quite the shocking return when he came back to raw a few days later
So could a story like this be on the way for Becky Lynch?
Becky Lynch took to twitter once again commenting on her contract status and had this to say:
“It's amazing what they'll give you when you remind them your contract is coming
up soon.
More to say on Raw.”
Becky then appeared on raw and it seemed the thing that wwe was “giving her” was the
title match at the royal rumble
So story wise, we're lead to believe that Becky threaten wwe with her contract status
and they gave in and granted her the match that she wanted at the royal rumble
So all that is for story line purposes only, but the interesting part is that Becky's
contract status is actually a legitimate issue right now
A report then broke out that Becky is currently competing on a 1 million dollar yearly contract
However, that rumor made it back to Becky Lynch and she denied it and had this to say
on Twitter:
“Report not true.
Haven't signed anything new in years.
Deal coming up soon.”
So there's a lot to take in from that one tweet from Becky
First thing to notice is that she confirms she “hasn't signed anything new in years”
Which means throughout her whole historic title run and Wrestlemania match, she still
didn't sign any extensions
Then the second part of the tweet says “deal coming up soon”, which once again reinforces
the idea that her contract is legitimately closing in on the end
Now do we have to worry about Becky Lynch leaving the wwe?
I wouldn't say so, Becky Lynch is one of WWE's most prized positions right now and
they wouldn't let her walk out of the company at all
It's extremely safe to assume that wwe will give her anything she wants plus more when
it's finally time to sign this new contract
So be on the lookout for any news regarding Becky Lynch finally signing a contract extension
We'll also have to keep an eye out to see if wwe will continue to use her contract status
in the story line as well
What are your thoughts on this situation with Becky Lynch and her wwe contract status?
Leave your comments, don't forget to subscribe with notifications on, and leave a like if
you enjoyed!
Thanks for watching guys and we'll see you in the next one!


Becky Lynch LEAVING WWE After Contract Negotiations GO HORRIBLY WRONG? - WWE News

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