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Well hello hello guys.
As you can see it is a rainy day here in Tokyo.
Not ideal for sightseeing but we are not staying indoors.
We're actually going to be heading to a cat cafe and if you've been following this channel
for a while you know that we love cat cafes.
We've been to them in Korea, in Thailand, Malaysia, Germany.
Any chance we have to visit a cat cafe we go to them and Japan is full of cat cafes
because this is where trend originated.
So we have come to Ikebukuro (池袋) there is a whole bunch to choose from over here
so yeah let's go find some cats.
So the shoes go in this little locker and you wear slippers.
We have made it inside the cat cafe.
Look at this little guy.
So relaxed.
Oh, all stretched out.
Are you cute?
Are you cute?
Yes, I'm cute.
And this little guy right here looks so much like our Siamese cat that we used to have.
His name was Tommy and this one is so similar.
This guy is hanging out on top of the treats.
I wonder if this is a clue like feed me.
But this looks like human treats.
I want cat treats.
What do you think kitty?
And check out this boss hanging out on the couch.
Look at you cat.
See we are enjoying lots of quality time with the cats.
It is not as busy as I thought it would be but I guess it is the middle of the week on
a rainy day.
So this is actually really good for us because the cat to human ratio is in our favour.
It is fantastic.
So we should talk about the price because this is a little bit different from the cat
cafes in Korea.
Like in Korea you would typically pay 8 to 10 dollars for a drink and once you bought
the drink you kind of had access to the cafe and you could play with the cats as long as
you wanted to.
Here you have to pay buy a time slot.
It is 200 Yen for 10 minutes.
It is 200 Yen for 10 minutes which is less than 2 US dollars so if you end up staying
here half and hour that is six bucks and the maximum is 2400 Yen and there is no limit
on how long you can stay.
So yeah if you wanted to hang out with cats all day long.
You technically could.
You could but I think half an hour to an hour is probably enough for the average person.
Oh yeah, he likes it.
Give it belly rubs.
Oh belly strokes.
Okay so this is pretty cool.
The cafe has a lot of different like sections.
So there is an area where you can sleep on beds.
Have a little nap.
They also have an area where you can play board games.
They have different areas with couches.
They also have an area with computer games.
They have comic books.
Anime whatever that is.
So yeah lots of options where you can just chill with cats and enjoy a relaxed few hours.
What is going on?
I'm going to feed some cats.
It is 500 Yen and you can buy a lollipop or cat food.
Apparently they know it is coming.
Are you a Maine Coon?
Are you a Maine Coon?
Wow, Audrey you've made a lot of friends.
I have.
Audrey did you become a cat whisperer?
And as you can see over here Cat Cafe Mocha has a whole bunch of locations all over Tokyo
so this isn't the only one you can come to.
Alright guys so that cat cafe was a lot of fun.
It is the largest and nicest cat cafe we've ever been to on our travels.
So yeah we really enjoyed it.
We ended up spending 40 minutes there and since you pay by 10 minute increments it was
200 Yen times 4 so 800 Yen per person.
We also bought cat food which was really worth it.
We really enjoyed feeding the cats.
That was the highlight.
So yeah the total itself it was 2100 Yen.
Which came to just under $20 US dollars.
And I would say it is a really unique activity you can do here in Tokyo.
The cats were so sweet.
It was really fun feeding them.
So definitely worth it.
Definitely if you're are a cat lover you'll want to check this place out.


Visiting a Japanese Cat Cafe in Tokyo, Japan!

413 分類 收藏
Courtney Shih 發佈於 2020 年 1 月 31 日
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