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Habitats are made up of three components that we can alter to change our habits:
ideas, technology, and people.
Ideas form our world view, and our worldview is the pair of glasses
that we see our lives through.
Our actions depend on what we think we see.
If you think there's a tiger in the bush, you'll act differently than if you think
there's a bag of gold.
Discover new ideas by going to places you've never been—psychologically or physically.
Read unfamiliar books, travel to foreign lands, and meet new people.
You never know when you'll encounter an idea that changes how you see everything.
Technology is anything you can interact with to achieve a goal, and it changes our habits
by making actions require more or less effort.
Create a technological habitat that serves your goals.
Subtracting technology is just as important as adding it; the landscape must be balanced.
You might not eat the vegetables you bought
if a tub of ice cream is always sitting in your freezer.
A good technological habitat decreases friction for the actions you want to do and increases
friction for the ones you don't.
People are a combination of ideas and technology—meaning and material.
They introduce us to new ways of seeing,
and they can make actions easier or harder for us to do.
A large part of habit creation is luck: stumbling into the right people at the right time.
How can you create your own luck?
Create good reciprocal relationships, and avoid people who benefit at your expense.
Open as many doors as you can for other people, and serve them as best as you can.
People who open doors for others tend to have more open for them.
Change your habits by changing one of the three components
of your habitat: ideas, technology, or people.


改變習慣的藝術 (The Art of Changing Your Habits)

933 分類 收藏
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