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  • How many times has this happened to you?


  • Your phone buzzes, so you grab it and unlock the screenbut there's no notification in sight.


  • You've experienced a phantom phone vibration, or what some experts call phantom vibration syndrome.


  • The good news is, it's super common, and not harmful on its own.


  • But how often you experience these phantom buzzes may hold clues about your mental health in general.


  • Results differ from study to study, but researchers are pretty sure phantom vibrations affect a lot of people.


  • Phantom ringing is also a thing, but not all studies look at both at the same time, so we're going to focus on the buzzing.


  • In one of the earliest studies of the subject in 2010, they found that around 68 percent of participants experienced some kind of phantom buzz.

    最早的研究始於 2010 年,在其中一個早期研究中,研究員發現大概 68% 的實驗對象都有幻振的經驗。

  • This was before most people carried smartphones in their pocket, so the researchers studied medical staff who always carried phones or pagers on vibrate mode.


  • In the years since then, researchers have found some factors that make you more or less likely to feel the vibrations in the first placelike a younger age, keeping your phone on vibrate, and keeping it in a breast pocket.


  • But these mystery vibrations themselves don't seem to be doing any harm.


  • They're more of a quirk of our normal senses.


  • Phantom phone vibes are likely a false alarm in something called our signal detection system, which is exactly what it sounds like.


  • Our brains receive some kind of vague stimulus, like a light touch or dull noise, and make a decision about what it means.


  • In the case of a phantom phone vibrations, our brain has interpreted some other stimulus as a notification.


  • That stimulus could be a familiar noise or a commonplace muscle twitch that kinda sorta maybe feels or sounds like a vibration.


  • Plus, we expect to get notifications.


  • And that makes our brains more likely to interpret other stimuli, or even a lack thereof, as a phone vibration.


  • Getting false alarms from our signal detection system isn't necessarily a bad thing.


  • But researchers have wondered if conditions like anxiety or depression might predispose us to experience false vibes more often.


  • One 2013 study followed 74 medical interns over the course of a yearlong internship, and measured how often they felt phantom buzzes as well as any symptoms of anxiety and depression.

    一個 2013 年的研究以 74 位醫學實習生作為實驗對象,研究員在這為期一年的實習中測試實習生們感受到幻振的次數,以及他們是否有任何焦慮或是憂鬱的現象。

  • The researchers expected the interns would feel more phantom vibrations as their stress and anxiety increased, but in the end, phantom vibes happened totally independent of the participants' anxiety.


  • On the other hand, a different study in 2014 looked specifically at tech employees and found that phantom vibes were associated with job stress and burnout.

    在 2014 年的另一個研究中,研究員以科技員工為實驗對象發現幻振出現的頻率與他們的工作壓力和疲勞是有關聯的。

  • So there's no clear answer yet.


  • But if you notice yourself checking on a blank screen more often, ask yourself if you've been feeling stressed lately.


  • If you want to get more out of your phone than checking a blank screen, you might enjoy learning a new language with Babbel.

    如果你想遠離幻振的困擾,你應該會享受在 Babbel 學習新語言的樂趣。

  • Learning a new language requires a lot of time and commitment, making it tough to jump into conversations right away.


  • Babbel aims to help you use a new language in real-life situations after only five hours of practice.

    Babbel 讓你能在短短五小時的練習後,就能在現實生活中使用一個新語言。

  • Its lessons will teach you vocabulary and grammar skills that you can use in practical situationslike asking for directions or ordering at a restaurant.


  • And these courses are designed by experts to take into account your native languagethe one you'll be learning in.


  • They offer 14 languages to choose fromincluding French, German and Brazilian Portugese.


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Thanks to Babbel for sponsoring this episode.

感謝 Babbel 贊助今天這支影片。

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鬼來電?!為什麼人們總是覺得自己手機在震動? (Why You Think Your Phone Just Buzzed?)

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